PHOTO REPORT: Hollywood Studios 7/4/19 (Construction Round-Up, MagicBands, Pins, and More!)


PHOTO REPORT: Hollywood Studios 7/4/19 (Construction Round-Up, MagicBands, Pins, and More!)


PHOTO REPORT: Hollywood Studios 7/4/19 (Construction Round-Up, MagicBands, Pins, and More!)

Hollywood Studios has been under major construction and refurbishment for the better part of three years now, and it seems we’re almost at a stopping point. Let’s see how the final few projects are coming, and take a look around the park.

Construction Round-Up

HollywoodStudios7 2 19 42

They’re making really good progress on phase two of the new security bag check structure. The first phase opened about six weeks ago, and considering how it long it took them to get that part done, this section is moving along at lightning speed.

HollywoodStudios7 2 19 41

HollywoodStudios7 2 19 43

HollywoodStudios7 2 19 45

HollywoodStudios7 2 19 44

If this isn’t finished by the time Galaxy’s Edge opens in August, I’ll eat my hat. (Please don’t hold me to that.)

HollywoodStudios7 2 19 40

Inside the park, work still continues on several of the major gift shops. Mickey’s of Hollywood has been closed since May, and its neighbor, Keystone Clothiers, since late February. I heard major construction noise coming out of Mickey’s of Hollywood today (distractingly so), which at least means they’re working on getting the project finished in a timely manner.

HollywoodStudios7 2 19 39

HollywoodStudios7 2 19 38

We’re patiently waiting to see what pops up behind these construction walls over by the Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular. It’s supposed to be a reincarnated Oasis Canteen, this time selling drinks instead of funnel cakes. There doesn’t seem to be any sign of vertical construction yet, though.

HollywoodStudios7 2 19 28

HollywoodStudios7 2 19 27

This project over near Star Tours seems to be taking its sweet time as well. These walls went up some time ago, though the structure being built here didn’t show up until much more recently.

Et Cetera

HollywoodStudios7 2 19 30

You know, at some point they might just want to bite the bullet and admit that this show isn’t coming back. I feel we’ve got a Stitch’s Great Escape situation on our hands.

HollywoodStudios7 2 19 29

HollywoodStudios7 2 19 47

Much of this building is being wasted right now. Between the theater that’s not showing anything, and the “Xbox Game Port”, it’s just kind of a sad sight.

HollywoodStudios7 2 19 46

Half of the consoles weren’t turned on, and the game they have set up to play was discontinued three years ago. I imagine this space is on the list of “reimaginings” in the near future.

HollywoodStudios7 2 19 36

Over on Grand Avenue I spotted some cast members doing some sort of minor photo shoot near the Galaxy’s Edge wall. I’d assume we’ll see more and more of this type of promotional stuff as the opening date nears.

HollywoodStudios7 2 19 37


HollywoodStudios7 2 19 1

Spider-man: Far From Home came out recently, and with it came a new magic band.

spiderman far from home le magicband july 2019 6

HollywoodStudios7 2 19 24
Peter Pan Pin ($9.99)

I found a couple of fun new open edition pins today, too. This Peter Pan with his shadow, and a Pinnochio pin.

HollywoodStudios7 2 19 25
Pinocchio Pin ($12.99)
HollywoodStudios7 2 19 26
Pinocchio Pin ($12.99)

I like this one because the arms are hinged!

HollywoodStudios7 2 19 32

I mentioned these Toy Story mystery pins last week, and oddly enough, this is still the only place I’ve come across them. Stage 1 Company Store, near Grand Avenue. I wonder if they weren’t supposed to be released yet, because I haven’t seen them anywhere else on property.

HollywoodStudios7 2 19 33

Speaking of Stage 1 Company Store, they have this great Cinderella Castle figure available now.

HollywoodStudios7 2 19 34

HollywoodStudios7 2 19 35

It’s kind of pricey, but way cheaper than the crystal one they sell at Arribas Bros.

HollywoodStudios7 2 19 31

This is aimed at Disney: please fix this penny machine! As a big Muppet fan, I’m very frustrated to say that this is broken every time I come across it.

That’s all from me for today. Hopefully the rest of these construction projects will wrap up soon, I’m very tired of walls in Hollywood Studios. It’s been a long three years. Stay with us and we’ll keep you updated on everything happening in the park!

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