SHOP: Star Wars Shoulder Porg Plush Now Available on shopDisney

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If you’ve been pining for a highly-coveted shoulder Porg, the adorable shoulder pets are now available on shopDisney, and you won’t regret ordering a Porg or two to add to your wardrobe. (The perfect accessory and companion, if you ask me.) Just click the item links to adopt––I mean, purchase a Porg for yourself!

Do note that as of publishing, shopDisney is in fact the only retailer to stock Shoulder Porgs, as they sold out at Disneyland within mere hours and they have yet to arrive at Walt Disney World, so this is a highly exclusive item!

Mini Magnetic Shoulder Porg Plush – $14.95

The Porg stands about 5 inches tall with tiny, dangly legs. A fabric-covered magnet goes tucked underneath your shirt, with the Porg perfectly perched safely on top.

The Porg features an adorably embroidered face and accurate color markings accentuated by fuzzy fur.

The shoulder Porgs originally retailed for $19.99 when they debuted at Disneyland, so you’re getting quite the deal here on shopDisney.

Order a small family of Porgs and you can score free shipping on shopDisney with a purchase of $75 or more with the code: SHIPMAGIC.

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