SHOP: The Lost Bros Monday Brings New Disney Treat Pattern Tee, Steamboat Willie Jersey, and Mushu’s Chinese Takeout Tee!

It’s Monday, which also means it’s Lost Bros Monday! Get ready for this week’s tee drop, now live in their online shop! Click here to check out their full lineup of creative, custom-designed tees… but don’t delay, because these tend to go fast! This week, they’ve got some amazing new shirts including the Treat Pattern Tee, Steamboat Jersey Tee, Mushu’s Chinese Takeout Tee, and More! Check it all out below.

Treat Pattern Tee – $28.99

As far as resolutions go, The Lost Bro’s is to release more and more products that speak to things they love. In this case, it’s all about delicious park treats!

Steamboat Jersey Tee – $24.00

“I hope that we never lose right of one thing – that it was all started by a mouse.” This Steamboat Jersey Tee is for the main boss himself.

Mushu’s Chinese Takeout Tee – $24.00

We are Mushu’s Chinese Take Out, exclusive provider of Chinese Food for the Mulan family. We have all your favorite ancient recipes, like Orange Chicken, and Sweet and Sour Chicken. And porridge that’s always happy to see you. So come on down and Defeat the HUN-GER!

While that iconic Steamboat Jersey Tee is a re-release for the Lost Bros, look at that incredible new design and detail they’ve added to it! These shirts are sure to sell quick, so head over to The Lost Bros Trading Co. now to pick up your must-haves! Happy Lost Bros Monday!

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