Hurricane Dorian Shifts Further East from Florida, Nearing Category 5 Strength

Latest updates on Hurricane Dorian indicate that it is moving further east and off the Florida coast.

The forecasted track for Hurricane Dorian has been updated to miss Florida, with Dorian now expected to make landfall between Georgia and the Carolinas. Florida is not entirely safe however, as the state remains in the “Cone of Uncertainty” which means a shift in Dorian could put Florida directly in the path of the storm.

Even though the eye of the storm is expected to miss Florida, the state will most likely still see hurricane-force winds, flash flooding, and storm surges in coastal regions.

Per the Orlando Sentinel, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has cautioned that the storm paths will continue to change and that Florida residents need to be wary.

“There is still significant chance of a strike on the state of Florida,” DeSantis said during a briefing at the Emergency Operations Center this morning. “Anyone inside of that cone needs to be prepared.”

Here’s the latest update from the National Hurricane Center:

Here’s a view of the hurricane from The Weather Channel’s radar, showing winds well above the 140 mph that would deem it a Category 4, which is why there is potential for it to turn into a Category 5 as it barrels straight for The Bahamas.

You can read the latest statements from the Walt Disney World Resort and the Orlando International Airport here. You can also check for any further updates for Hurricane Dorian from the National Hurricane Center here, and read up on Walt Disney World’s hurricane policy here.

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Featured Image: The Weather Channel