PHOTO REPORT: Magic Kingdom 8/30/19 (Hurricane Dorian Preparations, No Crowds, 80 Years of Marvel MagicBand, and More!)

It’s a blustery day here at the Magic Kingdom. Everyone in Florida has been preparing for Hurricane Dorian, even Mickey. As soon as we arrived at the park, we spotted the first signs of hurricane prep.

A crew is hard at work rolling up and securing the scrims around the construction.

Banners have been wrapped up and secured with zip ties in Storybook Circus.

The construction walls around Liberty Square Market have been stripped down to the fencing. This allows for wind to travel through easier.

The same thing has happened to the walls over on the site of TRON Lightcycle Run. We can also see the tents have been stripped down to just framework. This is to help prevent the wind from catching and blowing things away.

The beautiful new show scene element that was recently installed around the TRON track has been removed. It’s probably a pretty expensive piece of equipment, so to avoid getting damaged (or flying through the air and damaging things around it), it has been removed.

This Cast Member is looking for a way to secure these banners in Adventureland before Hurricane Dorian’s arrival.

The camel head is still not turning. This isn’t as much fun when it’s predictable.

The park is really quiet. This is a great day to be here!

It’s so empty.

All the wait times are low around the park. This is the best time to grab a poncho and get on as many rides as possible!

At the D-Tech on Demand kiosks, we spotted a brand new 80 years of Marvel MagicBand for $24.99.

These cute little WonderGround Haunted Mansion blind boxes are available at Frontier Trading Post.

Well, that’s about it for today. Be sure to stay tuned for more coverage from the parks as we prepare for Hurricane Dorian. Stay safe, everyone!