PHOTOS, VIDEO: New Haunted Mansion Merchandise Materializes at Memento Mori in the Magic Kingdom

A whole Doom Buggy full of new Haunted Mansion merchandise has made its way into Memento Mori. Located in the Magic Kingdom, Memento Mori is your one-stop shop for Haunted Mansion merchandise at the park. The new merchandise ranges from clothing to mugs, and even a door knocker, and it’s in just in time for the attraction’s 50th anniversary. So, let’s get started!

Haunted Mansion Bride Shirt – $49.99

The front of the long sleeve shirt features the bride from the Haunted Mansion, and the back of the shirt has the logo.

Heat Sensitive Hatbox Ghost Mug – $22.99

When exposed to heat, the blank side of the mug makes the Hatbox Ghost appear!

Haunted Mansion Stretching Room Shirt – $34.99

This weathered shirt has the logo of the Haunted Mansion, with the back featuring the girl from the Streteching Room.

Going Our Way? Tumbler – $22.99

One side of the tumbler features the Haunted Mansion logo, with the other showing the Hitchhiking Ghosts.

Haunted Mansion Sweatpants – $39.99

Candle Pocket Tee – $34.99

Child’s Graveyard Jamboree Tee – $19.99

This clever shirt is a mashup of the Country Bear Jamboree and The Haunted Mansion!

Haunted Mansion Door Knocker – $24.99

It makes sound when you press the button and can be hung on an actual door!

Haunted Mansion Hoodie – $54.99

This neat hoodie features the wallpaper print on the hood and some neat designs on the back!

Haunted Mansion Cold Shoulder Shirt – $54.99

This shirt features “The Haunted Mansion” down the sleeve and some neat designs on the front.

Grave Digger Mug – $19.99

We love the included shovel mug!

Haunted Mansion Clock Face Tee – $34.99

Haunted Mansion Raven Tee – $34.99

Going Our Way? Glowing Shirt – $34.99

Haunted Mansion Glowing Short Sleeve Tee – $34.99

Haunted Mansion Bust Figures – $44.99

Haunted Mansion Top – $34.99

Graveyard Jamboree Pin – $9.99

Haunted Mansion Zipper Hoodie – $49.99

What do you think of all the new merchandise at Memento Mori? In the mood for some window shopping? Check out our full tour of the collection in the video below!

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