PHOTO REPORT: Magic Kingdom 8/21/19 (Halloween Season, Trees on the Pathway Widening Project, New Tables and Chairs at Tomorrowland Terrace, and More!)

Happy Fall from the Magic Kingdom! It’s still the hottest time of the year here in Florida, but that is not stopping Magic Kingdom from going all out in celebration of the spookiest season of the year. The decorations are up, the merchandise is out, and the parties have started, so lets get today’s photo report started as well!

I love seeing all of the seasonal treats out in the Confectionary. This perfect little lineup of candy corn cupcakes is perfect for the season.

The new dish set we spotted last week at Disney Springs has made its way to the Confectionary.

The Madame Leota set of Pandora charms that were released in celebration of the 50th anniversary of Haunted Mansion are still in stock at Uptown Jewelers. I actually really like how they styled them on the display with both of the charms sitting on the necklace.

Also in Uptown, there’s a new Hocus Pocus Dooney & Bourke bag that perfect matches the Dress Shop dress of the same pattern, so if you’ve been looking for your perfect Halloween outfit, search no further and get yourself over to Uptown.

I stopped into the Main Street Bakery Starbucks location this morning, and I was pleasantly shocked to find it almost completely empty right after park open. This is usually one of everyone’s first stops, and it definitely didn’t feel like a slow day outside of Starbucks, so it was very unusual to see the line this short.

On my way to Tomorrowland, I cut through the Tomorrowland Terrace and noticed that this restaurant got a whole new set of chairs. It would have been very hard to miss, considering that I don’t think these pictures are doing the bright orange color enough justice. It’s not subtle.

On my usual ride through of the PeopleMover, I checked out the construction progress on Tron. The giant mountain of dirt that sits next to the Tomorrowland Speedway track remains for now, and there are more structural beams and supports going up around the tallest portions of track.

This coaster is going to be BIG and you can spot it from almost everywhere in Tomorrowland.

The Astro Orbiter remains quiet and closed.

Over at the Haunted Mansion, all of the awnings remain in place today, and I’m cautiously optimistic that this means that their refurbishment has been completed and we won’t see anymore of them go missing for quite a while (watch, now that I’ve typed that out though, another one will go missing tomorrow).

At the Pathway widening project by Cinderella Castle, things are really starting to come together. They’re planted trees in the holes that were left open in the new pavement! I think they make the pathway look so cute and charming, and I’m excited to hopefully very soon walk this shortcut again.

They were also painting today, putting up some finishing touches on the black railing that lines the pathway closest to Liberty Square.

That’s all for my day around Magic Kingdom! Keep checking WDWNT for all the latest updates to these projects, and we’ll see you again soon!

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