PHOTO REPORT: Magic Kingdom 8/26/19 (Fall Main Street Windows, TRON Show Elements, a Treeless Pathway, ETC.)

It’s time for another summer day spent in a Magic Kingdom that’s dressed for the fall season! It’s still hard to believe that its August and we’ve already seen the Magic Kingdom without a holiday overlay for the last time in 2019, but here we are. Let’s get this WDWNT photo report started!

One of my favorite, often overlooked parts of the overlay is the window displays that line Main Street USA. Daisy is in one of the windows of the Confectionary, and she always has an outfit to match the seasonal costume the Cast Members wear, and I love that for her.

I spotted these cool shirts in the Emporium, I love the colors on the purple one above. Both are priced at $24.99.

In Tomorrowland, I stumbled across a custodial Cast Member doing water character drawings outside of Space Mountain. This is one of my favorite bits of extra magic around the Parks. The Cast Members always seem to really enjoy doing it, which makes it a lot of fun for the bystander.

Checking in on th Tron Lightcycle Run construction, the show element piece we caught being installed recently was covered up today with a green tarp. This is still a really exciting bit of progress to see as we continue to watch the construction moce forward.

You can also see some more of the structural support starting to get installed to the left of the photo for the show building that will eventually enclose this portion of the attraction.

We’re going to continue to enjoy getting a good look at this attraction for now while its still visible, before the show building eventually encloses around it.

Over by Cinderella Castle, the newly widened pathway is finally open! I walked it for the first time today, and I think it looks great, and is definitely wider than it was previously, but I am very disappointed that the trees that we spotted being installed just a few days ago in those round spots in the concrete were removed before the pathway opened. I was excited about the look of the trees on the pathway and the potential for the shade they could provide, but it seems like they didn’t make the final cut for the pathway.

Don’t think I didn’t notice the lack of the return of the charming wrought iron benches that used to sit on this pathway, either. RIP iron benches, gone but not forgotton.

Other than that though, the project is beautiful and it was well done, and I am so happy that it’s finally open again.

The camel in Adventureland has been stuck in the same postition for a few days now. He’s still spitting water, but just isn’t turning his head to the left or the right. It does make it a bit easier to predict where he’s going to spit so you don’t get unintentionally wet though.

That’s all for my day around Magic Kingdom! Keep checking back with WDWNT for all of the latest updates! See you next time!

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  1. It seems to me that the trees on the new walkway to the castle were removed to make sure there was a good view of the castle. One of your wide photos clearly shows that trees would have blocked a great shot. The metal benches were probably removed because they would get too hot to sit on without the shade of the trees. All of that made for fewer obstacles on the walkway Part of the magic of Disney is that everywhere you look, there is a beautiful photo op.

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