PHOTOS: New Railings Installed Along Expanded Cinderella Castle Pathway at the Magic Kingdom

As work continues on the Cinderella Castle pathway widening project, we’ve spotted a series of changes and updates along the past few days. During our last update, we saw the front end of the pathway getting paved and leveled out, with additional brickwork added to the wall facade as well. Let’s take a look at the latest progress, which includes a whole slew of new railings, as well as some finishing details.

Earlier this week, we saw the first section of the new railing had been installed. Here, we can see the black rail run down and around the curb. You can also see how the front end of the pathway has been just about leveled.

The row of columns closest to Fantasyland has also been completed. Upon checking in on the pathway today, we noticed a gilded railing had also been installed in between each sculpted column, meaning most of the railings are now in place!

All that leaves is landscaping, and more concrete, and more finishing details… yeah, this project may be moving fast, but there’s still a lot left to do.

Here’s what the lower level looked like earlier this week as contractors installed more detail to the brickwork.

Vaulted, tunnel-like details are being worked on at the very bottom of the new structure. From here, the very front of the red brickwork detailing appears to be finished, with orange, red, and burnt sienna colored bricks lining the pathway wall.

We’re heading into a new season of specially-ticketed events and busy Fall months, so work on this project should hopefully move fast. As always, check back at for the latest on this project and more ongoing construction around the Magic Kingdom.

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