PHOTOS: Club 33 Construction Update at Disney’s Animal Kingdom 8/5/19

Things are moving quickly over at the location of the new Club 33 at Animal Kingdom since our last visit. This new addition will be the fourth Club 33 location at Walt Disney World. In fact, this is the only Club 33 at Walt Disney World that has been built specifically from the ground up! The other three clubs in the Florida parks were all existing spaces that were repurposed into the current club locations. Because of this, Animal Kingdom’s Club 33 will have a lot of room for expansion and customization. From Africa, we could see the framework for the building towering off in the distance.

Let’s take a closer look. Lots of scaffolding and work lights can be seen over the walls. We don’t hear too much activity taking place right now, but judging by the lights, it seems they could be working at night, too.

The new location is being built in the area between Pandora and Africa. That tranquil, lush pathway has seen some changes over the last few months. Walking from Pandora, it’s still quiet, but once you cross into Africa, you’ll notice the changes. It was a drastic change when they removed the trees and it was a clear view. Now we can see more of what’s happening over the walls. We’re looking forward to seeing the outside of the themed building when it’s finally completed.

It looks like some of the walls have started to go up in the form of columns. We can see what looks like the tops of cement blocks just over the foliage.

It seems like one side of the building is coming along a little faster. It looks almost like an archway or entrance type of structure on the left side. Perhaps the entrance will be set farther back so it’s a little more hidden, like the others.

We can see how quickly work is coming along on the new location, so hopefully it will be completed soon and we can admire it from the outside. Stay tuned to for all the latest construction updates from Animal Kingdom and more!