PHOTOS: Guests Rerouted Through Backstage Area at Toy Story Mania Due To Faulty Fire Curtain in Disney’s Hollywood Studios

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Ah, yes. Another day at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, another lively jaunt through Toy Story Land…

I think not. In fact, there’s trouble in toy paradise, as a faulty fire curtain has led Cast Members at the attraction to now have guests leave the queue midway and traverse through a backstage area before re-entering the queue. The issue has plagued the attraction for a few days now.

Guests now have to wind through a backstage area to get to the loading area of Toy Story Mania.

Guests enter through the regular queue, but exit midway and are re-routed through this backstage area.

Here’s where the scene of the issue is.

According to reports, this large fire and smoke curtain keeps falling down while guests are in the queue, leading Cast Members to re-route guests backstage in order to avoid any potential incidents.

Maintenance Cast Members are working on resolving the issue, but it appears that until then, guests will continue to be re-routed backstage.

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