PHOTOS: Final Section of New Queue Awnings Installed at The Haunted Mansion in the Magic Kingdom

Ah, there you are! The awnings have finally fully returned to the queue at the Haunted Mansion. We reported the removal of the awnings a few weeks ago, and have been making the best of the situation. The awnings were removed abruptly during one of the hottest, rainiest seasons we’ve had so far. We reported on their return in the form of a Magic Kingdom photo report over the weekend, but we’re so happy they’ve finally materialized, we wanted to spread the word.

The new awnings have an alternating pattern of green and dark green stripes, similar to the print the maids wear. We noticed these patterns from when the first half of new awnings had been partially installed.

It’s been raining off and on, so today is a good day to have the awnings back!

They look so nice and clean from underneath, too.

The fans that had been set up in the queue temporarily are still in place, but they’ll most likely be removed now that the awning is back.

It’s nice to have a little bit of shade as you enter the Haunted Mansion. Even if the shade is just to help give a little bit of a darker atmosphere as you enter the queue.

The Haunted Mansion awnings have returned just in time for the celebration taking place on August 9. It’s sure to be a swinging wake, so hop a Doom Buggy and look alive.