PHOTO REPORT: Magic Kingdom 8/3/19 (Fried Pickle Hot Dogs, New Haunted Mansion Merchandise, Souvenir Tiki Bowls, Construction Updates, and More!)

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Welcome to another busy day here at the Magic Kingdom! It’s August, which means it’s basically Halloween time here at Walt Disney World. Preparations for Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party seem to be underway. The bench has moved to the other side of the street near City Hall.

The Haunted Mansion awning has returned! The stripped look is subtle, but a nice touch.

Inside Memento Mori, we found so much new Haunted Mansion merchandise, we almost died from excitement. You can see the whole collection, with prices, here. This is a huge collection. I love the heat sensitive Hatbox Ghost mug.

The door knocker actually knocks and makes sounds when you push the button.

Casey’s Corner debuted a new hot dog of the month! The Fried Pickle Hot Diggity Dog is amazing, so be sure to read our full review for all the details!

There’s a new souvenir tiki bowl at Aloha Isle Refreshments. This is the perfect way to enjoy your Dole Whip. The tiki bowl and Dole Whip are $9.99.

A new Cozy Knits plush is available at the Emporium. Perdita from 101 Dalmatians is $27.99.

There’s a new Floral Mickey and Minnie dress for $128.

A new Cinderella Castle Loungefly Backpack was found in the Emporium for $80.

There’s also some cute new Disney Parks Jewelry for Aladdin. The necklace and bracelet are $19.99 each.

The cannon has returned to outside of the Pirates League sign. It had been boarded up recently, so it’s nice to see it has returned.

Canon at Pirates of the Caribbean

Due to inclement weather, the outdoor attractions were temporarily closed. Guests were still lined up outside of the attraction waiting for it to reopen.

Guests waiting for Mine Train

Mine Train line in the rain

TRON continues to grow.

With all the lightning and storms today, it seems like the crew was forced to take a break from working in the afternoon.

The pathway widening looks good. We can see some railings on one side, and more railings awaiting installation.

It’s been a long day, so it might be time to reward ourselves with a treat from the Confectionary!

Something looks off about this snack. Where’s all the unhealthy stuff?

It’s been a long day of rain, snacks, and construction.

That’s all for now. Stay tuned for more updates from!

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Mr Incredible
Mr Incredible

The price of those apples seriously shows how ridiculous Disney has become when it comes to pricing. You can get Granny Smith apples from Walmart at about $1.70 per pound. 6 apples costs about $3.60. That is $.60 per apple. Disney will buy them in extreme bulk so they will get them for a far less expensive price. But even if they paid $.60 per apple they are marking them up $1.69 per apple. (300%+) Those apples can easily be $1.20 to $1.50 each and Disney would make double their money or more. Even $1.80 and Disney is tripling their… Read more »

Austin Ray
Austin Ray

Except you aren’t at Walmart. You are in Disney and they have to sell them at a price that makes a profit.


Yeah, that will never happen. Every time ticket prices go up, there are people sayi g I will never go back, yet every year crowds are bigger. Disney does not jut have a big truck pull up to the loadi g dock with boxes of apples to be sent to one place. They get produce in, it gets sorted, it gets boxed up and sent to holding areas in each park. From there it is either sent out to the carts, or most likely rotated into refrigerated storage. It is not just 2 or 3 people handling the goods. But… Read more »

Michael Rigney
Michael Rigney

Good read I was just at magic kingdom 8/3/19 and the weather was hit and miss and I did spot a few of the new March you had posted about in your article.