PHOTOS, VIDEO: Construction Walls Up Around Final Section of Leave A Legacy Monoliths To Be Demolished at Epcot

It’s the end of an era. As was previously announced, construction walls went up around a section of Leave A Legacy monoliths last night.

These walls are set to stay in place through Fall 2019, with work on the re-imagined entrance following the removal of the monoliths.

It also appears some monoliths were left unscathed and unwalled, for now. A ring of planters closes out the construction wall circle.

Back when the very first section of monoliths was walled off, bottlenecking was an issue along the middle entrance of the park, but now guests have the entire leveled-out right-hand section where those have long since been removed.

Leave a Legacy is currently being removed from its current location as part of the ongoing re-imagining of Epcot, including a refreshed entrance. This new entrance will include a new location for Leave a Legacy, expected to be revealed next year. Guests will be able to view enhanced photos along with a new locating system for those looking for specific tiles.

For reference, here’s what the remaining Leave A Legacy monoliths looked like this past weekend:

Here’s a video walkthrough of the currently walled monoliths all along the left side entrance of the park:

There’s a lot of work to be done ahead of Epcot’s new entrance project, and Project Gamma is finally revving up. Stay tuned for all the latest updates surrounding the Leave A Legacy transition, and more!