PHOTOS: Disneyland Paris Hotel New York – The Art of Marvel Construction Update – August 2019

Welcome to Disneyland Paris, where have a construction update for the Hotel New York – The Art of Marvel. If you remember, this Marvel-themed hotel is an extensive re-theme of the former Hotel New York. This hotel is located just outside the secure area for Disney Village and is completely closed until the construction is finished in Summer 2020.

Let’s take a look at the work being done on the hotel!

Taking a look from the elevated patio outside of Earl of Sandwich in Disney Village, we can see a nice overview of the hotel. As you can see, there’s a lot of scaffolding on the wings of the hotel as the re-theme continues.

A straight on shot shows the opening date of “Summer 2020”.

You can see the contractors inside the building and the missing windows as the building is extensively refurbished.

On the Eastern side of the building, we can see some red accent pieces added on top of the building.

The Western side of the building has an incredible amount of scaffolding as the rooms and exterior are being refurbished.

You can see that the Western side of the building, including the grounds and the Convention Center, are relatively untouched at this time.

The entrance of the hotel still has the old logo on the sign. This is where employees working on the hotel would enter with their cars.

The parking lot is being used to park workers’ cars and is also untouched at the moment.

Looking at the construction employee entrance, we can see not much is being done on the street side of the hotel at the moment.

Finally, as we take a look at the entrance to the hotel, we can see the materials and construction equipment being staged for use.

From what we can see from the outside, the hotel looks to be pretty torn apart as the refurbishment is pretty extensive. Much of the work at this time seems to be concentrated on the side facing Disney Village and inside of the hotel.

Will you be staying at Hotel New York – The Art of Marvel when it opens up next year?

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