Expected Pricing Revealed for the 2-Night, 3-Day Star Wars Hotel Experience at Walt Disney World

Staying in a Star Wars hotel connected to Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge is the ultimate “Take my money, Disney!” concept. And that’s without even knowing much about it.

According to Disney, “This groundbreaking experience is unlike any resort experience you’ve ever seen. From the moment you board your launch pod, it’s a fully-immersive, multi-day Star Wars adventure aboard a luxury starship complete with high-end dining, space-view cabins and all of the exciting action you would expect from an authentic Star Wars experience.”

Now that we’ve seen concept art for the immersive “space capsule” guest transportation system and guest cabins, as well as a potential dinner show restaurant built aboard the Chandrila Star Line, forking over the credits to stay here is becoming less and less of an issue and more of an epic financial goal for many travelers. But how much will it actually cost?

According to sources, pricing for the Star Wars hotel will be based around the full 2-night/3-day experience rather than per night (you know, like a cruise, but in space). If you’re going to stay here, it will be a time commitment as well as a financial one, as shorter one-night stays will not be allowed. Much like on the Disney Cruise Line, food, select beverages, and entertainment will also be included as part of the experience.

Cabin for one? Pricing for a 2-night/3-day stay starts at $3,300 for one person, or just over $1,000 per person, per day. Cabins do sleep up to five passengers, so there’s also the option of maxing out the cabin occupancy for a relatively cheaper price per person. A cabin with five passengers would cost $7,200, or roughly $1,440 per person, for a more feasible $480 per person, per day price range.

According to sources, rooms come in two sizes: a regular sized cabin and the larger “Captain’s Quarters” cabin. Each floor is set to have 32 regular cabins and two first-class cabins. This pricing is for the general, regular-sized cabins, as pricing on the larger first-sized cabins is still unknown.

Do note that these prices can change as the hotel is still months, if not years away from opening, and Disney Parks and Resorts might scale these prices up or down based on a combination of demand and occupancy projections. However, these numbers are the current ones being thrown around in discussions regarding the resort.

So, what do you think? Are you excited to visit the Star Wars Hotel at Walt Disney World? Do you think the prices are truly out of this world or are they justified with this being such a unique offering? The good news is, you do still have a bit of time to save before it opens in time for the 50th anniversary of WDW.

Still can’t believe this is really happening? You can check out the latest construction progress on the hotel here.

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  1. That’s ridiculous maybe we’ll have a coupon day when us normal people can afford to stay there, they have a lot more to do with Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge before that becomes feasible there just isnt enough there to do yet, not enough characters yet

    1. I agree Galaxy’s Edge needs improvement, and adding more walk-around characters is one of those things, hopefully they have more characters planned and the costumes for those said characters are sitting in a storage unit somewhere backstage

    2. I saw Storm Troopers, Rey, Chewbacca, Kylo Ren, Vi Moradi, and a First Order General all roaming Galaxy’s Edge. What other characters would you like to see?

      1. How about Darth Revan and Malek. Maybe bastilla since she’s way better than Rey or whatever it is.

      2. Luke, Anakin, Kenobi, Jar Jar, Padme, 501st clones, thrawn, vader, palp, grievous, the nightsisters, dooku, a droid army, Ahsoka, Revan, Malak, Missions, Zaalbar, Carth, lando, finn, bb8, R2, and so many more.

        1. Dylan – That’s a good list, but Black Spire Outpost fits in the Star Wars timeline right after the events of The Last Jedi, so many of those characters can’t be there.

  2. Clearly these prices are insane based on what we know of this hotel so far. This price will have to include some ridiculous perks. I can see the absolute hardcore Star Wars fan possibly paying this ONE time, but the casual fan, no way! For this price you probably could stay in a suite in a deluxe hotels concierge level for the week.

    1. Granted, this was 2012, but we stayed in a regular room concierge level for a full week for $1800 at Wilderness Lodge. You’re probably not that far off…

    2. I’m what some might consider a hardcore fan….and I’ll never pay these prices. I’ll just build a pillow fort and slap so painted posters and call it my Mos Eisley cantina

  3. If it ends up being true that this hotel won’t allow non-hotel guests to wander the property, Disney needs to definitely offer one of their beloved hard ticket events. Sign up ahead of time, board the magic bus at Batuu, it’ll bring you to the hotel for your food & drink event, and then at the end of said event, drop you back at Batuu. I’m not super interested in staying at the hotel, but I’d totally be on board with something like this.

    1. I like the way you think but it’ll never happen. That would be akin to letting tourists on your cruise ship (for 10% of what you paid) at any given port to run amok in your vacation. I’m not saying I wouldn’t be ALL about doing it…just that it would detract from their stay so I bet it will not be happening.

      1. Yeah but what does all inclusive mean… like a cruise… eat and drink all you want? Is booze included? I’ve heard rumors of clothing included too.

        Just amazes me this is higher priced per night than the cruiseline. I’m paying $8000 for two balcony 8 night cruise cabins for 5 people on the Disney Cruise line… I mean, they better add some value here.

    1. Absolutely agreed. Who prices out a hotel based on number of days instead of number of nights? No one. And just be sure, I imagine that of those 2 nights / 3 days you are still only able to actually be at the hotel for 48 hours, i.e. check in at noon and check out two days later by noon.

      So prices start at $1650/night for one person. Or $100 per hour you are actually awake.

      If they fill the hotel at those prices, great for them though. And eventually some of the stuff that makes it so expensive would filter down to the masses.

  4. At least it’s a unique, immersive experience over 3 days, seemingly providing more value for your money than the crazy $12,000 for 7 hours tour that only takes you through the dream suite, can’t even stay in it one night for that amount! Since it’s “like a cruise,” I wonder if food and beverage offerings will be included in the price…

    1. From this post: “Much like on the Disney Cruise Line, food, select beverages, and entertainment will also be included as part of the experience.”

    2. Includes all food and drinks, like a cruise, but like a cruise, there may be pay options also.

    3. Yeah, but you can take 20 ppl to tour the dream suite…value per person goes up.

  5. Good God the prices are astronomical! I’m glad Disney makes everything exclusively for the rich and entitled. Middle-class and below aren’t allowed. Way to go blind greed!!

  6. Jesus, that’s crazy. I pay a lot less per person for a 1 bedroom concierge suite 4 nights on a Disney Cruise. Moreover, from those window I get a much better view than screen and a high level of service.

    For those prices this hotel needs to equal service at the best hotels, and the experience of staying in outer space to a tee.

  7. I think this is a bit too much for the regular person, they are definitely catering to the elite, not families by any means.

  8. Those beds look so comfortable, I don’t know why they are making this so affordable.

  9. Shut….I was excited for this…. *sigh* I will now look forward to seeing all the photos and youtubers’ videos instead. :)

  10. This is the most ridiculous pricing structure for any Disney property.
    Add this Star Wars hotel to the list with Disney Springs and the NBA Experience for being completely insane decisions by Disney execs.

    1. Careful! You need to maintain a relatively high Midi-Chlorian level for the best experience.

    1. PLUS snacks, hors de’oeuvres, cordials, midnight snacks, and all the other items you’d get at Concierge Level. PLUS room service. Maybe a 24-hour soft serve machine (like on cruises) and soda stations everywhere.

  11. Only way this is somewhat worth it is if meals at the resort are included to help with the “cruise” concept. If not, prices most people out.

  12. Clearly park admission and likely food (on ship at least) is included so I’m maybe in. I’m planning a trip in 2021, and at this price I give myself a 40% of grabbing it at that price if it’s not to crazy on reservations. It’s a hard toss up because I’m looking at sacrificing about 2-4 days on a deluxe resort 10-11 day trip to an overall trip of 6-8 (as well as maybe downsizing to a 1br villa) but it may be worth it. It all depends on what is happening on board ship. I know my wife is excited.

  13. I plan on doing it at least once, and I’m not elite or rich by any means. It may not be until 2022 or maybe a year or two afterwards. If I had friends, I’d try to get at least two other people to join my husband and I for a quick trip. Could be a lot of fun! Of course, I would hope that at least breakfast and dinner would be included. Looking forward to more updates.

  14. So what about the people who want to go to Disney for a whole week? They’d need to spend even hundreds more to stay at a second resort once their 2-night/3-day stay is complete? Bob Iger is 500% more clueless than Eisner ever was, sad to say.

  15. These prices are right in line with an actual Disney cruise. Expensive, but not outlandish or surprising.

  16. Ok Disney has lost their damn mind!! 🤯 $3300 per person for a 2 night / 3 Day stay. For that price I better meet Harrison Ford, Mark Hamill, Billy Dee Williams, all the main characters in all of the Star Wars old & new etc… Plus have a cameo in the next Star Wars movie with a speaking role. $3300 per person. PLEASEEEEE!!!!!!!

    1. Speaking role? I would expect to be the main villain with a decent length lightsaber battle

  17. Sucks that I’ll never be able to bring my son to Disney the greed from this company is outstanding youd think with all their success prices would drop but for these prices there had better be a show constantly food when ever I want and silk space sheets

  18. This is simple supply and demand – it’s how the free market economy works. There are only 68 rooms, providing an all encompassing experience; this isn’t “just a hotel.” Everyone apparently thinks this should be priced at $50/night so that anyone who wants to stay there and experience this can. And then everyone would be complaining because they would never be able to get a reservation unless they got lucky at exactly the instant that the window for a reservation opens (sound familiar?). It would be like me whining that I’d really love to have my own private 747 and that Boeing should lower the price to about $15,000 so I could afford it. It’s not a right to be able to stay here, it’s a privilege. Maybe everyone can’t afford it, maybe that includes me. It’s the way of the world – Disney isn’t running a charity. I don’t hear anyone complaining that the overwater villas at the Polynesian Village are too expensive and targeting the elite. There are plenty of other resorts to stay at both on and off property to satisfy all price ranges.

  19. I do not understand why anyone thought this would be an easily affordable experience, especially once it was revealed that there would be less than 100 rooms in the entire place. I’ve always assumed it would be priced as a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and it’s actually much more affordable than I expected (and I’m working class, not a person for whom this is even remotely affordable). I cannot even imagine how far out this will need to be booked, I’m going to guess we’re looking at 1-2 years. Very interested to see how it unfolds!

  20. My 50th birthday is in 21, so I am already planning on making this happen for my birthday.

  21. I would pay it if it’s actually the Death Star or something, but like Galaxy’s Edge, it’s just a Star Wars knock off. So no.
    And your “per day” calculation is misleading because you are not getting 3 full days. Like a 2 night cruise, you get 1 full day and 2 half days, checking in/out on at noon. So the real numbers is for one person, it is $3300 for two nights or $1650 per night. For a family of 4, it is $3300 per night.

  22. ……guys-don’t EAT the rich! Some of us, who are NOT celebrities or middle eastern royalty, CAN afford this. NO ONE SAID this experience would have any “value” to it……..I heard about this almost 18 months ago and I was TRULY GEEKING OUT about this, and how “interactive and immersive” it was reportedly going to be….. and I was VERY MUCH ready to shell out my $$……until I saw just how “interactive” and “immersive” (NOT!!!!!!) Galaxies Edge has been at Disneyland. At this point I can’t believe that this is going to be anywhere near as good as originally planned seeing how disappointing its been there……. Knowing this, it will be a MUCH harder sell to me at this point. For the cost, I very much expect a “beyond belief” experience if I am going to spend this kind of dough. Putting me in a costume and a cheesy shuttle just to walk around Galaxies Edge in some kind of “faux mission” for the entertainment of the normies is not going to cut it……..(oh, BTW-Food & Drink BETTER BE INCLUDED at this price point knowing how cheap it is for them!)

  23. No I’m not excited. Who do you think can afford to pay those prices? It’s ridiculous. Good luck with that. I’m very very disappointed. I’m a Disney passholder and OMG what are you thinking.

  24. Robert Iger: And we can charge any amount we want for this. Five thousand for the experience, ten thousand for the experience. And people will pay to-

    George Lucas: Robert, Robert Robert. I didn’t spend over four decades creating and expanding this universe only to sell it to a corporation that will cater only to the super rich. Every fan in this world has a right to be able to experience this full emersion attraction.

    Robert Iger: Sure, we’ll have a coupon day or something.

    1. This sounds just like a quote from the original Jurrasic Park when they’re all at the table after first arriving and the lawyer says almost this exact thing verbatim.

  25. Sounds exciting. But personally I’d rather spend the same amount of money and go on a Disney cruise.

  26. No thank you. Those prices are out of control. I have some true Star Wars fans in my family but for those prices are not worth it. If both parks and all food and drinks are included, maybe but oh my God No!

  27. Wow – Disney parks have now gone well beyond the intentions of Mr. Walt Disney! He wanted to build a place where all generations – the parents, kids and grandparents can come and have fun together. It was never intended to be a park for the wealthy but I guess that is exactly what it is becoming. By the time it opens, it will most definitely be more than this. It would have been nice.

  28. Is there like a focus group so people can try it out for free and give their feedback 😂😂 here is to hoping right!?

  29. It would be cheaper to stay at Jurrasic Park! But seriously its reasonable for hardcore Star Wars fans.

  30. Given the small number of rooms, they may be able to fill this resort at these prices, but they’ll certainly do it without me.

  31. The whole experience doesn’t look or sound ADA-friendly at all! The bus situation sounds like it would be impossible for a wheelchair user to use. The concept art only shows bunks in the rooms, which is a major problem because some people mobility issues can’t even sleep in a bunk bed.

  32. Ehhh I’ll pass! I’m a huge Disney fan but I’ve stayed at spa resort hotels that are all inclusive, world class, much nicer for less than that price. $1,000 per person per night?!

  33. Why is it per person? If I took my star wars fan who is 9 currently those prices are outrageous. NO THANKS!!

  34. Welp, it sounds like they don’t want to make it up please a feasible experience for the middle class families who were excited about staying there and are scrounging their pennies to even visit the park.

  35. Walt Disney is turning in his grave. This is disgusting. And I am a huge Disney fanatic. I am sick at what it costs just to take my family there…now this? Very sad.

  36. “We could almost buy our own ship for that…”

    Those prices are ridiculous even as an all inclusive concept. I hope there is a more reasonable “day trip” option where you can do a role playing mission without spending the night.

  37. I love Disney but I guess I’ll never stay at the Star Wars resort! That price is insanely expensive! I’m going to Disney with my boyfriend in 2 weeks for 6 nights/7 days and staying at Pop Century with park hoppers. We even got the free dining plan! My whole trip cost around $2000! If we were to stay at the Star Wars Resort that would add up to $7000 and that’s only for 2 nights/3 days! THATS RIDICULOUS! I can go on 3 Disney vacations for that price. Forget that!

  38. Get out,,, that’s not even realistic for the bottom half of the 1%ers. I don’t know that it’ll fly at those numbers, past the first year anyway.

  39. Will have to sell my unborn first child to afford these prices. Come on Disney, are we losing our family friendly business model?

  40. Way to pricy. I can’t believe how expensive it is. Who is even going to stay here?

  41. If it’s truly an immersive experience, I’ll gladly take my kids. Perfect experience for them?

  42. Thank goodness my family and I don’t like Star Wars!! We will stick with our DVC thanks

  43. Too early to know for sure but it appears the first day is check in so no breakfast but a lunch and dinner provided. Second day in Galaxy’s Edge with breakfast lunch and dinner provided. Third day checkout with breakfast provided. That would fit the experience description. I’m guessing the select beverages will not include alcohol or maybe a very limited number per adult guest. The possible pricing may just be a trial balloon to gauge public reactions but if not, it clearly says that the vast majority of us are not the target demographic but those with black no limit credit cards are. Just have to wait and see what Disney officially announces closer to the as yet unknown opening date but my excitement and anticipation are currently severely diminished.

  44. No way in hell. I can’t think of any Disney movie I would want to be submersed in enough to pay $3300!

  45. Too many people have already been priced out of Disney vacations by ridiculous price hikes. What a slap in the face to realize they are using that $ to develop something the vast majority could never afford. Generally, people rich enough to do this either are or benefit from evildoing. They certainly do not care about regular folks. Walt would be apalled. This contradicts his entire mission to make a nice experience for middle class American families. Save the sickening elitism and excess for places like Dubai; don’t ruin the so-called happiest place on earth!!!

    1. “Generally, people rich enough to do this either are or benefit from evildoing. …” REALLY??

      So the fact that I have BUSTED MY RUMP has NOTHING to do with the success I have become that allows me to enjoy this hotel Pixie?? I have NO IDEA how you arrived at such an ignorant, patently offensive and idiotic conclusion!! Methinks you are a miileniai that some liberal educator fed a a load of misinformation to! I KNOW that unless you change your mind about money then you will NEVER HAVE ANY WEALTH…..

      My wife and I own 2 businesses that we started from NOTHING! None of them is either criminal, evil or illegal!! But they did require something that is a bit of a 4 letter word to some people: WORK!! The other 4 letter word that was necessary was RISK!!

      In other words, obtaining wealth does not necessarily make you an evil drug dealer, politician, or some other kind of criminal! Nor does it all make you EVIL! And your thoughts on wealth have obviously exposed your complete lack of understanding of how to obtain it!

      Along with some of the luxuries we enjoy, the wealth that we have attained has allowed us to help people in ways that POVERTY can’t nor ever will!! being poor is a condition of mind set! In our country ANYONE can become RICH-But you first have to believe you can! Then you have to present a marketable product or skill to the marketplace and stake your claim. But sitting on your butt, believing that ALL wealthy people, or even a majority of them, are some how evil is the perfect mindset to STAY POOR.

      I will THINK of you should i choose to go to this hotel! (see my comment elsewhere…)

    2. I consider myself middle class, and this is on par with many types of vacations I take. Does it mean I have to budget and save, yes… but understand the incredible amount of time and money it takes to do this. You don’t create the top attractions and resorts and charge motel 6 prices. You can still enjoy 99% of the park and Galaxy’s Edge, so I don’t see why you think this is a slap in the face or ruins the experience for middle class families just because you feel this specific experience is more than you want to spend. There will always be things that the less-than super wealthy can never afford, but I bet you still go to football games and have a great time even though you aren’t in the luxury suite….

  46. What if Disney did something similar to like the pod hotels in Japan as like a cheaper stay option? Like similar to how the single beds look in the concept photo, but like a bunch of them all together like in a hostel type setting. It would give a cheaper option for people wanting to experience the hotel and it kinda fits in the theme. Just an idea.

  47. I wonder if they’re including the cost to get into DHS/GE in the price which I think would make it more palatable. That being said if they deliver on what this promises $1000+/night is not crazy considering you already have rooms at deluxes going for $500-$900.

  48. That kind of price is inhuman. I have been going to Disney my entire life. I would like to think that they are better than to exploit hard working families.

  49. At these prices you would have to have unlimited food and all drinks. Not select drinks.

  50. How will the shuttle transport you to Batuu without ruining the experience? Will this be exclusive access to Batuu or would it be during regular park hours with other guests in Batuu?

  51. Is the pricing just for the room or is it a package price with some unique perks, meals, tickets etc?

  52. Do we have any idea if this price is purely for the hotel or are some unique experiences, tickets, meals etc. included….?

  53. I was born in 77 and have watched these flicks my whole life. I like the movies and I’ve been on 5 Disney Cruises with my wife and kids. I am not in a hurry to go to Star Wars land and I little value in going to this. My kids aren’t even into Star Wars.

  54. Take a step back and relax, while the whole premise indicates this will be an expensive endeavor it’s still all just rumors. You know, a “nobody really knows what they’re talking about but we’ll discuss it like we do anyway” situation. The article itself states – “these numbers are the current ones being thrown around in discussions regarding the resort”. Those discussions include the countless blogs and boards like this one.

  55. Hell NO. No way would I spend that kind of money for Disney to make more and more money of off this franchise. They have already ruined the Star Wars name with this crap they keep churning out. There were only 3 legitimate Star War episodes .The ones made in the 70’s and 80’s. The rest are all crap. They just keep spitting them out like a factory to rack in more and more of all of these idiots money.

  56. After seeing those prices, all I will say is that I feel better now about the way in which I obtain my SW books and comics.

  57. count me in… we have a group of 5 so that makes the overall cost not much more than a stay at a luxury resort, plus the experience will be like nothing else offered. I’m flying in tomorrow to get ready for opening day.

  58. Dear Lord…please let star wars roll over and die. And don’t bring it back one more time like they did with Carrie Fisher.

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