PHOTOS: Final Leave A Legacy Monoliths, Entrance Fountain Stones Fully Removed at Epcot

Work is quickly moving along behind the walls at Epcot’s main entrance, and today on a monorail ride around the Park, we checked in on the latest updates to the remaining Leave A Legacy monoliths.

Or, should we say, the missing Leave A Legacy Monoliths. That’s right, they’re all officially gone. There’s still a lot of work to be done to fully remove the bases around these now long gone monuments, though. The planter down the middle appears to remain untouched for now, but we’re expecting to see that go as well to make way for all of the changes that we’re expecting to see with Project Gamma.

All of the stones have been removed on the old entrance fountain, but click here to check out the concept art for the new fountain that’s coming to this area in its place.

Even with the Leave A Legacy monuments gone, we’re expecting to see these construction walls remain up for a while as the transformation continues at Epcot’s entrance. With more than half of the entrance area blocked off, this area has been quite crowded and bottlenecks a bit in the morning with all of the Guests entering, and it does obstruct the view of Spaceship Earth for now as well.

For now, the next step in the project will be removing the bases left behind by Leave A Legacy, so this little line of Bobcats still have plenty of work to do.

Keep checking WDWNT for all the latest updates to this project!

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