PHOTOS: Limited Release Vampire Mickey Halloween 2019 MagicBands Arrive at Walt Disney World

The pumpkin decorations lining Main Street U.S.A at the Magic Kingdom are a good indication that the Halloween season is upon us. Among all the new Halloween 2019 merchandise, we spotted a spooktacular new MagicBand. This band originally debuted as an optional build-a-band upgrade for resort guests, but has finally made its way to the parks.

This MagicBand has a black base, and features Mickey dressed up as a Vampire for Halloween. You can see a creepy version of the castle in the background, complete with a scary face for the entrance. You can also see a group of bats flying away from the castle tower.

The band is limited release and retails for $29.99. We found this one at the Tomorrowland Light & Power Co. in the Magic Kingdom, but we’re sure they’ll be popping up in more locations around the resort.

The back of the band has a stack of spooky-looking pumpkins, similar to the decorations found around the Magic Kingdom. The green accents highlighting the pumpkins really looks nice against the black band. “2019” is written is gray, spooky lettering near the puck.

This is a limited release band, so make like a bat and fly over to the Magic Kingdom before they’re gone. Will you be picking up this new band for yourself?