PHOTOS: Mission: Space Race Under Construction at Mission: Space at Epcot

After making our way back to Earth from our mission to Mars, we noticed something odd about our re-entry. While leaving Mission: Space at Epcot, you’re normally greeted with the interactive Advanced Training Lab at the exit, where those who wish not to partake or just guests looking for some air conditioning are normally hanging out. However, today we discovered that Mission: Space Race was behind walls.

We’re surprised to see any type of refurbishment being done at the moment to this area, as nothing was updated when Mission: Space received an update in 2017, featuring Earth and Mars missions and accommodating for smaller astronauts to partake.

Guests were still waiting outside for other members of their party to come back from the attraction, sitting along the wall and on the few benches provided outside. It’s a lot quieter and darker now without this interactive attraction up and running, making it easier to catch a quick nap if needed.

The wall wraps all the way around the attraction and towards the hallway that leads to the gift shop. More benches would have been nice to add here, but the floor isn’t too bad with the construction walls as a back.

Are those BLUEPRINTS draped over the screens? Tom’s gotta stop leaving those out.

Peering over to see what exactly is going on, we see that a few of the computer screens are covered up. These computers allowed passing guests the opportunity to play with the teams up on stage without needing the full time commitment of the full race.

The second row of computers was also removed on both sides. The right side’s computer screens weren’t covered up though and we’re not entirely sure what is happening here either.

The interactive game may be getting refurbished, as some of the computers down below didn’t always seem to be in order. An update to the game could be occurring as well, since Mission: Space Race has been there since the attraction’s opening back in August of 2003. This area may be getting completely demolished as well, as not as many guests were partaking in the experience.

It’s all a little unclear what exactly is happening but we’ll be sure to keep you updated with any new information as soon as we get it. Keep following WDWNT for more of this mysterious update, but in the meantime, we’re blaming the Martians for this unexplained occurance.