PHOTOS: Halloween 2019 Pins and Accesories Have Arrived at Walt Disney World

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Along with all of the Halloween merchandise that was recently released, we spotted some new open edition pins and accessories at Disney Pin Traders at Disney Springs and they’re all pretty perfect for the Halloween season.

Happy Halloween 2019 Mickey Pumpkin Pin – $9.99

The 2019 Happy Halloween pin has our favorite Mickey pumpkin in the center against a purple background. “Halloween” has pumpkin face for the “O” and the words look like wings. This design is actually really interesting when you look closely.

Halloween Mickey Pumpkin Lanyard Medal – $14.99

Pumpkin Mickey Lanyard

The Mickey pumpkin lanyard medal is super cute and even has a stained glass face.

Going Batty and Point Me to the Candy 2 Pin Set – $14.99

Going Batty and Point me to the Candy pin set

This two pin set is perfect for Halloween. One pin says “Going Batty” against a silver Mickey bat. The other pin is glittery and says “Point me to the Candy”.

Reversible Halloween Lanyard – $15.99

This Halloween lanyard is super cute and reversible. One side is black with orange pumpkins, and even a few Mickey pumpkins. The green side is covered in spiders, and some of them even have Mickeys on them.

Chip and Dale Dr. Frankenstein and Monster 2 Pin Set – $14.99

Chip takes on the role of Dr. Frankenstein with his lab coat and goggles. Dale gets to play Frankenstein’s Monster. The green and purple accents on this pin are a nice touch.

Villains Cameo 2 Pin Set – $14.99

This pair of bad girl cameo pins includes the Evil Queen and Cruella. “A Real Devil” is written below Cruella and “Just One Bite” under the Evil Queen.

Haunted Mansion Maid and Butler Pin – $12.99

A ghoulish Haunted Mansion Maid and Butler stare blankly on this pin. A purple banner reads “Haunted Mansion” in front of them.

Dr. Finkelstein – $9.99

Sally’s creator, Dr. Finkelstein, examines a reindeer skull inside this silver framed pin.

Now and Forever Jack and Sally – $12.99

Jack and Sally from the Nightmare Before Christmas are 3D against an oval background that reads “Now and Forever”.

Nightmare Before Christmas Zero – $9.99

Zero flies against a pearlescent background, dotted with Jack Skellington skulls.

These pins are cute, and sure to go quickly. What do you think of the latest open edition pins to arrive at Walt Disney World?

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I have never gotten into pin collecting at Disney. Has anyone ever counted how many pins have been released? It appears that new pins come out monthly, so it may be difficult to “pin” down an exact number.