PHOTOS: New “I’m Such A” Princess Personality Tees Arrive at Walt Disney World

If you’ve ever found yourself relating to a Disney Princess before, then this new princess collection is for you. The new “I’m such a” princess tops are now available at Hollywood Studios, and we can’t get over how creative they are.

These beautifully colored tops all start out with “I’m such a” in cursive, followed by the name of a princess. Aurora, Ariel, Jasmine, Snow, Belle, and Cinderella each get their own cute shirts.

They get even better when you look at the back. Each top has a fun list to describe the princess.

I’m Such An Aurora – $34.99

“I’m such an Aurora” is written on the front in pink and blue.

The back reads “Dreamer, Likes Naps, Nature Girl” next to a spinning wheel.

I’m Such An Ariel – $34.99

This purple color is great for Ariel.

“Collector, Loves Leg Day, Good Swimmer” is written on the back, with a dinglehopper and shell.

I’m Such A Jasmine – $34.99

This top is the same color as Jasmine’s outfit.

We really like this one. “Loves Magic, Independent, New World Traveler” is written next to the lamp.

I’m Such A Belle – $34.99

The red and white writing on the bright yellow shirt look nice together.

“Loves Roses, Book Smart, Small Town Girl” is written on the back with the Enchanted Rose.

I’m Such A Snow – $34.99

The bold blue color with red and yellow text is a great mix for Snow White. Or, simply called “Snow” here.

The back features the iconic apple with “Fairest, Wishful, Animal Lover” in red and yellow text.

I’m Such A Cinderella – $34.99

This light blue color is very pretty with the white text.

The back reads “Shoe Lover, Dress Maker, Fashionably Late” next to the glass slipper.

We found these cute and clever princess tops at the newly remodeled Legends of Hollywood store at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Hopefully more princesses will be added to this collection. Which of these princess shirts do you find most relatable?


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