PHOTOS: New “Walk on the Wild Side” Lion King Canteen Roars into Disney’s Animal Kingdom

It looks like the Lion King merchandise just keeps coming! First we had the adorable Lion King popcorn bucket and sipper cup. Now, we’ve spotted another cute new souvenir drink conveyance to commemorate the Lion King!

The new Lion King canteen is perfect for a long day exploring the parks. The plastic canteen has a soft, canvas-like covering featuring an image of Simba, Timon, and Pumbaa. Above them, it says “Disney Parks” And “Walk on the Wild Side” against the night sky. “The Lion King” is written underneath the characters.

The live action characters are featured. The canteen can be purchased alone for $10.34, or with a drink of your choice for $14.58. They can be found at most of the popcorn carts around the park. We spotted them at the popcorn cart across from Tamu Tamu Refreshments in Africa, and the cart next to Dug and Russel’s meet and greet.

One of the best parts of this canteen with cover is the strap on the back. There is a loop with a snap that allows you to hook the canteen to your belt for  convenience. It’s important to stay hydrated, so having a way to keep water close by and your hands free is greatly appreciated!

The cover removes easily from the canteen for quick clean up as well. We’re excited to see the new canteen style here at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Will you be grabbing a safari over to pick up one of these new souvenir cups?