PHOTOS: New Purple Cauldron Popcorn Bucket, Poison Apple Steins, and Cars Land Pumpkin Glow Straws Now Haunting Walt Disney World

It seems like we’re going to have quite a collection of Halloween souvenirs this year. Yet another new popcorn bucket has arrived, and this time, it’s brought friends. While visiting Animal Kingdom today, we discovered several new items available at the popcorn carts.

Purple Light-Up Popcorn Bucket -$16

Last year, there was a green cauldron popcorn bucket. This year, it’s all about the purple. The cauldron appears to “bubble” thanks to the light-up feature. The bucket, with popcorn, is $16.

The strap is purple and matches the bucket, but it appears to be last year’s artwork again.


Purple Poison Apple Stein – $15

These are always popular! Previous years have brought us red and green versions, but this year we have an all new purple poison apple stein. The “face” even glows in the dark. We’ve also heard these are available at Disney Springs.

Go on, have a sip.

Light-Up Tire Pumpkin Straw – $4.04

Not really sure what this Cars Land straw is doing here at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Perhaps in the spirit of recycling, they’ve sent these straws to the East Coast. The pumpkin face lights up, and is supposed to look like it’s made from tires.

We found these at the Feeding Ground in Discovery Island, but we also spotted the popcorn buckets at a few more locations around the park.

Will you be picking up any of these Halloween goodies on your next visit to Animal Kingdom?