The Purple Poison Apple Glow Cube

PHOTOS: New Purple Poison Apple Glow Cubes Now Lighting Up AristoCrepes at Disney Springs

Just when you thought you were safe from Halloween souvenirs… Disney Springs has a new light-up glow cube to add to your collection. We just couldn’t resist when a stranger offered us a purple poison apple glow cube today at AristoCrepes. It’s such a beautiful color.

The poison apple glow cube matches the new purple poison apple stein and cauldron buckets from Animal Kingdom. AristoCrepes also has the matching purple poison apple stein available.

The line was pretty long when they opened for the day at 4:00 PM. The souvenir stein and glow cube are advertised with a specialty drink, but somehow the drink was “sold out” before they even opened for the day. You must purchase a beverage to be able to buy a glow cube, but it can be a bottled water, soft drink, or an alcoholic slush.

The glow cube is an additional $3.79 with beverage of your choice. There is a limit of one glow cube per beverage purchase. It even lights up!

This scary little cube has flashing and solid light features which are switched on an off by a small button on the back. The color is really nice!

We expect these cubes will sell out quickly, so you may want to make your way to Disney Springs to get your hands on one before it’s too late! AristoCrepes opens at 4 PM on weekdays and 12 PM on weekends and is located in the Marketplace near Rainforest Cafe.