PHOTOS: Scrims Starting to Come Down Around New Restroom Facility at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

The new restrooms that were formerly home to the old Star Wars Speeder Bike photo op at Disney’s Hollywood Studios have been behind walls for months now. With the grand opening of Galaxy’s Edge less than a month away, we certainly expect this new structure to be open by then. During our walk around the park this week, we spotted some of the scrims coming down around the new structure. Let’s take a look.

There’s still a heavy amount of construction going on towards the Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater Restaurant side. It doesn’t even appear concrete has been laid to form a pathway on this side yet.

Over towards Tatooine Traders, the first little sliver of scrim has come down. This reveals a concrete structure which hasn’t been painted or themed in any way. We know the area is still very much under construction, but we certainly hope the structure will not stay this way.

With a closer look, you can see a little more of the structure extending outward in the background. It appears that the side still has metal exposed.

There are also two wooden boards running across the ground in the guest area. It is unclear what this is being used for, however, they both run to existing structures (one to Tatooine Traders and one to Sci-Fi Dine-In.)

Towards the Backlot Express is where most of the building has been exposed, revealing a big concrete block that appears to have an area for two windows and a door. As you can see, there also hasn’t been any concrete poured in this area yet.

Galaxy’s Edge opens at the end of this month and we hope to see this new structure, which will be a restroom area, open before then. Do you think this restroom is set to open in time for the August 29th grand opening of Galaxy’s Edge? Sound off in the comments!