PHOTO REPORT: Epcot 8/13/19 (Pathway Changes, New Food and Wine Booths, and World Showcase Improvements)

Buenos Dias, Guten Morgen, Buongiorno, Ohayogozaimasu, and good morning from Epcot! Let’s see what’s happening in the park today.

Future World

It’s mid August, so you know what that means: Halloween!

Basically the entire line of 2019 Halloween merchandise launched at Mouse Gear today. You can see some of the goodies in our articles here and here.

This year’s Pin Trading event was held over the weekend. The event was pet-themed, and some of the leftover pins were available to purchase at Pin Traders.

I wouldn’t expect these to stick around for too long.

This “it’s a pets world” framed pin set might hold out longer though, seeing as it’s $325.

It’s adorable, but that price tag…

Living with the Land had a rather impressive line this morning. At 35 minutes, it had the same wait time as Soarin’! Maybe all these guests heard the news about the new digital projection upgrade on the attraction.

Over at Imagination!, they’ve covered up one of the fountains. This was the one with the tiny spitting fountains, not one of the jumping ones. It’s been turned off for ages. I’m hoping they’re refurbishing it back to working order.

They’re making progress on the widened path between Imagination and World Showcase. They’d better hurry up if they want to be finished by Food and Wine at the end of the month.

Another Food and Wine booth has popped up behind the construction fences.

Keep going, guys! You’ve got a long way to go!

Another pathway project has just started, as well. This path near Test Track is closed for expansion, but it’s probably not as extensive as the Future World West project.

The restrooms are still open during construction.

The path over near the playground will be open for a few more days before it too closes for expansion.

World Showcase

The Canada facade will be under refurbishment for a while.

I noticed today that they’re doing something to these holes in the rockwork where there used to be trees.

That rebar was added in this past week. Not sure what it’s for yet.

You tend to see roving bands of flag-shirted cast members this time of year– it’s training time for the Food and Wine Festival.

Many of these booths have been up for several weeks, but they’ve started adding the register stands. We’re getting closer!

“The Alps” is a brand new booth this year.

It’s located near the Norway pavilion.

The new, more expensive, penny press machines are leaking into Epcot.

I found this one in the Africa Outpost.

China also has one now.

They’ve been sprucing up the German pavilion recently with new paint and such. The fountain is looking really nice.

Also, for the first time in my memory, the little children were outside of their doors on the giant clock.

In the last month or so, they’ve added a bunch of Christmas merchandise to “Der Teddybar”, the toy shop here. Now they’ve added lighted decor to the mix!

Christmas in August!

Walls are finally down at this seating area in The American Adventure. I’d been keeping tabs on it for a while. It’s less elaborate of a change than I was thinking, but it looks great! It’s all new brickwork.

I believe these tables are all new as well. Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong.

This space back near the restrooms has had its tables returned, as well. They’ll need it once the Festival begins.

That’s all from Epcot for today! We’ll keep you updated on everything in the park as it happens!

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