PHOTOS: New $1 Souvenir Penny Machines with Crank Accept Cash or Credit Card at Walt Disney World

Nothing quite stirs up as much nostalgia as pressed penny machines at Walt Disney World. Whenever possible, I try to lug over my baggie of pennies and quarters to snag a few as a fun way to add some extra fun (and cheap souvenirs) to my park day. New to the pressed penny frontier, however, is this abomination:

That’s right, there’s a souvenir pressed penny machine in Tomorrowland (by the newly reopened Tomorrowland Speedway) that’s charging $1.00… for a single pressed penny.

The sales pitch is pretty straightforward: No penny? No problem. You can still get your souvenir penny fix… for about double the price. Don’t have any cash on you? There’s a card reader attached to the penny machine that’ll charge you $4.00 automatically for all four penny designs instead.

Because nothing screams nostalgia like a card reader.

What do you think of this new addition? It’s likely they’ll retrofit this technology onto other machines, much to my chagrin, but at least they’ve kept the crank at the machine, which, after all, is the really therapeutic part.

While card reader-enabled pressed penny/quarter machines aren’t entirely new to Walt Disney World, this is the first crank machine with a card reader to pop up, as all others are button-based.

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