PHOTOS: “Sold-Out” Haunted Mansion 50th Anniversary Event Exclusive Merchandise Materializes at Walt Disney World

Annie Wilson

PHOTOS: “Sold-Out” Haunted Mansion 50th Anniversary Event Exclusive Merchandise Materializes at Walt Disney World

Annie Wilson

PHOTOS: “Sold-Out” Haunted Mansion 50th Anniversary Event Exclusive Merchandise Materializes at Walt Disney World

Welcome, Foolish Mortals, to the Co-Op at Disney Springs. Our tour begins here in this Wonderground Gallery. Here, where you see some of the sold-out 50th Anniversary Haunted Mansion event exclusive merchandise in its corruptible, and very much available, state. Is this haunted merchandise actually sold out? Or is it your imagination?

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Much to our surprise, and probably the surprise of many event attendees, some of the sold-out Haunted Mansion merchandise has arrived at Walt Disney World. That’s right, even more 50th anniversary items have made it to the East Coast. This time, it’s several things that were “sold out” to guests of the event. Was this just a mistake? We’ll have to wait and see.

Haunted Mansion SHAG Harveys Bag Details and Purse Charms 2

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Haunted Mansion SHAG Harveys Bag Details and Purse Charms 1

Graveyard scene Side of the Harveys SHAG Tote at Disney Springs

The Harveys SHAG tote is available. It’s incredible, and has so many amazing details. From the charms and zipper, all the way to the purple wallpaper lining, we can see why this was a popular item at the event. You would think that a sold out item would actually be sold out, right?

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The SHAG Haunted Mansion camp shirt is beautiful and available in all sizes here at Disney Springs.

The Harveys coin purse had been available earlier in the day, but was actually sold out by the time we arrived. Many people justify the high price of an event ticket by having access to exclusive merchandise that nobody else can get. Offering “sold out” items to everyone after the event is really upsetting. This might be something to consider before purchasing tickets to your next merchandise event.

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9 thoughts on “PHOTOS: “Sold-Out” Haunted Mansion 50th Anniversary Event Exclusive Merchandise Materializes at Walt Disney World”

  1. WOW Just wow Disney! Talk about being disappointing. SO glad I did not attend the event because I hoped to purchase exclusive items. Unfortunately I thought those were exclusive items so I paid a premium to acquire things on ebay. tisk tisk Disney!

    • I try not to be the kind of person who is overly concerned with what other people have. If you did this, you’d still be happy with the things you bought, instead of pissed off that other people may have gotten a better deal. Did you think they were worth it at the time? Why are they worth less now?

      Ant this is disregarding the whole issue of overattachment to material things. But this is HM merch, which automatically gets a pass.

    • You really thought they weren’t going to sell 50th items for Haunted Mansion outside of the event lol. Tisk tisk Brian.

  2. I have to say that I did attend the event at Disneyland. The word to Disney “exclusive” is so over used, and their definition is not the same as mine. Items that many paid to get and were limited to attendees were in the parks on Monday. The event was nice, but there were some oddities. Like the photo ops were opened and closed throughout the night. Why not have 2 sets of actors who can take over when one set needs a break. The lines for photo ops were crazy. The singing in front of the Golden Horseshoe was great but way too long. I am older and my back was killing me. The presentation on the island was awesome, as was the funeral parade “Down by the river”. Standing out in front of the gates so long, then up to the tunnel, then up to Frontierland and finally into the land to stand longer at Golden Horseshoe was too long. There were cards that were suppose to be handed out with the food but we never got them. There were Tarrot cards to be given at the Mansion but we never got them. We really enjoyed the event but it was too short, too much standing and now the merchandise has sort of been devalued as Florida has the Limited edition event only merchandise. Many of us filled out the RSP and didn’t get what we wanted but now see some of that merchandise in Florida, and some even at Disneyland park after the event. Whoever is in charge of special events needs some help in a big way. Love the event just many annoyances that Disney should have foreseen in advance.

  3. People have some misconceptions about how Disney sells merchandise at events these days. No where in the description of the Harvey Bags did anything mention an edition size. You just get first crack at the items by attending the event, not exclusivity

  4. The risks are:

    1) Pay to attend an Event and buy swag
    2) Wait for swag to be available after Event
    3) Expect to pay higher prices on eBay

    The Walt Disney Company could do the right thing, make sure certain merchandise truly is limited edition (ie number it with a certificate of authenticity) and keep that at a minimum

    Have plenty of other merchandise available at the theme parks , all the mall shops AND online with a cap on how many you can purchase (eliminate those who resell for extremely higher prices online)

    Think about quality vs quantity – some of the collectibles and toys are great, but some of the attire is just “meh” bad quality / poorly designed (you will know what’s not selling if it’s still in theme park shops collecting mothballs) and those overpriced plush dolls that look pathetic (just nope!)

    It’s the Haunted Mansion
    It’s the 50 Anniversary
    Keep that SHAG swag available
    (because you know he will at his shops)

  5. I took the plunge and flew out to DLR for an event with exclusive merchandise. I don’t have an issue with leftover merchandise being sold in park. But the issues arise when they announce 5 days before the event that WDW was getting the merchandise. Or when we are told at the event the merchandise is sold out only to see it appear in the parks the next day. Disney did a lot of people wrong and needs to make it right. As far as the comment regarding value of the item , yes it drastically affects the value. When supply increases demand decreases and price goes down. Items that were sold out Wednesday just to reappear Friday had their value decreased. What Disney did is about as unethical And deceitful as a business can be.

  6. Perhaps the items WERE limited, and sold out, for that which was allotted to the California event. And perhaps because people give them sooooo much crap for not having things available in both locations making people then scour third-party sites, they kept a batch for FL.

    You guys can’t have it both ways. Either you want it limited or want it so you don’t have to fly across the country.

    I agree with the poster that the manufacturing company, in this case Harvey’s, could create an official certificate as a token of good will, and that’s all it would be as it too will eventually be faked, but a good idea.

    In the end these are things. We are assigning a lot of value to things. It would seem much more than the experience as a whole.

    • If any HM 50 item exists within the Disney system then those that paid $300 to have access should have first crack!

      Not random ppl in Florida where the HM is 48 years old in Oct … not 50.

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