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PHOTOS: New Commemorative Merchandise Revealed for Tokyo DisneySea’s 18th Anniversary

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Last week, we talked about the brand-new plans for Halloween at Tokyo DisneySea. This event will feature some spooky merchandise choices and releases on September 2nd. The other day, the Oriental Land Company also revealed the new merchandise line for the Tokyo DisneySea 18th anniversary! That’s right, Tokyo DisneySea turns 18 on September 4th, 2019, and we’ll be getting a line of Magellan’s and S.E.A. related items for the occasion! So, let’s dive in on the items that have been revealed.

T-Shirt – ¥2600 ($24.39)

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Stuffed Badges – ¥1900 ($17.82)

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Cup and Saucer – ¥2800 ($26.26)

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Plate – ¥2400 ($22.51)

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File Folder – ¥500 ($4.69)

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Notebook – ¥1000 ($9.38)

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Planetarium Toy – ¥2800 ($26.26)

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Bandana – ¥800 ($7.50)

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Phone Case – ¥3500 ($32.83)

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Magnet – ¥750 ($7.03)

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Hand Towel – ¥700 ($6.57)

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Keychain – ¥1800 ($16.88)

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This Tokyo DisneySea 18th Anniversary line looks incredible! Fortress Explorations and Magellan’s are two of my favorite areas not just at Tokyo DisneySea, but at any Disney Park! I can’t wait to grab some of this when it drops on September 2nd! The S.E.A. plate and cup/saucer look particularly tempting. Are you considering or planning a visit to Tokyo Disney Resort? Visit TDRPlans for every detail (and more) that you’ll need to make your trip the best it can be! And stay tuned to WDWNT for up-to-date news on Tokyo Disney Resort, Walt Disney World, and Disney Parks worldwide!