PHOTOS, VIDEO: New World Showcase Passport Design Debuts at Epcot


PHOTOS, VIDEO: New World Showcase Passport Design Debuts at Epcot


PHOTOS, VIDEO: New World Showcase Passport Design Debuts at Epcot

On my travels through the nations of World Showcase at Epcot today, I discovered that they had updated the World Showcase passport! The passport has been a favorite of guests for many years, giving them the opportunity to get their “credentials” stamped at each of the 11 countries throughout World Showcase.

EpcotPassport8 2 19 26
World Showcase Passport ($12.99)
EpcotPassport8 2 19 2
World Showcase Passport ($12.99)
EpcotPassport8 2 19 3
World Showcase Passport ($12.99)

The passport comes in this plastic pouch and contains 11 sheets of “stamp” stickers, one for each country, an “Honorary Ambassador” button, and of course, the passport booklet.

EpcotPassport8 2 19 27

This was the old version of the passport, for comparison.

What’s Inside?

EpcotPassport8 2 19 21

The most noticeable change is the plastic pouch it comes in. It’s resealable, so you have a dry place to keep your passport while you explore World Showcase. It tends to rain in central Florida, so this is a very helpful addition. It also doubles as a place to store the stickers and cards you collect from the various KidCot locations.

EpcotPassport8 2 19 22

EpcotPassport8 2 19 23

EpcotPassport8 2 19 20

EpcotPassport8 2 19 5

EpcotPassport8 2 19 17

The inside is pretty similar to the old version in terms of layout. The artwork is all new, however.

EpcotPassport8 2 19 4

There are spaces on each page for all the stamp stickers that come packaged with it, as well as space for the cast members of each country to stamp the booklet and write a friendly message!

EpcotPassport8 2 19 18

EpcotPassport8 2 19 19

The button matches the current line of World Showcase merchandise available in several locations across the park.

“Stamp” Stickers

Each country gets a sticker sheet with seven stickers each, representing a mix of location-appropriate Disney characters and landmarks from inside the pavilions.

EpcotPassport8 2 19 16

EpcotPassport8 2 19 15

EpcotPassport8 2 19 14

EpcotPassport8 2 19 13

EpcotPassport8 2 19 12

EpcotPassport8 2 19 11

EpcotPassport8 2 19 10

EpcotPassport8 2 19 9

EpcotPassport8 2 19 8

EpcotPassport8 2 19 7

EpcotPassport8 2 19 6

EpcotPassport8 2 19 24

Be sure to get your Passport stamped at every country you visit!

EpcotPassport8 2 19 25


For $12.99, this isn’t a bad souvenir for the inquisitive kid in your travel group. It’s a fun way to interact with the cast members throughout the park, as well.

We found the World Showcase Passport at Northwest Mercantile in Canada, but it’s also available at Port of Entry at the front of World Showcase. The original design of the passport is still available in Mouse Gear, but I would expect that to change soon.


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