REVIEW: Limited Time A Galaxy Far, Far Away Espresso Mousse Arrives at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

After a long day traveling around Batuu, we needed a little pick-me-up. Luckily, there’s A Galaxy Far, Far Away Espresso Mousse. This sounds like a great snack after our journey, so let’s dig in!

The Galaxy Far, Far Away Espresso Mousse is available from ABC Commissary and PizzeRizzo, both which are located near Grand Avenue and the entrance to Galaxy’s Edge. This dessert is so cute!

This is a caramel espresso mousse covered in chocolate ganache, on a pastry base. It’s beautifully decorated with blue and black and topped by little stars.

When we cut into it, the chocolate layer around the outside was a little frozen and split off from the mousse.

The mousse is described as a caramel espresso, but we honestly didn’t taste any caramel. If the sign hadn’t said caramel espresso, we wouldn’t have ever guessed the flavor. The espresso flavor is light, but good. Once the chocolate layer started to melt, we could break pieces off and add them to the mousse, which enhanced the flavor.

This is a very basic dessert. There’s not much to it, besides a pile of mousse and a plain pastry crust base. It’s good and rich, and will definitely satisfy your sweet craving, but there’s nothing memorable  about this treat.

It’s good, but it leaves a lot to be desired. If you’re visiting Disney’s Hollywood Studios, you may want to leave this one in a galaxy far, far away.