REVIEW: New Alcoholic Takodana Quencher at Docking Bay 7 Food and Cargo in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

“I didn’t know there was this much green in the whole galaxy…”

Rey might have been talking about the planet Takodana that Maz Kanata’s base of operations was on, but it also applies to this new drink that has appeared on Docking Bay 7 Food and Cargo’s menu at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, appropriately titled the Takodana Quencher.

The Takodana Quencher is a premixed drink made up of Bacardi Dragon Berry Rum, Blue Curaçao, Simple Orange with Pineapple, and Kiwi. Its bright green color definitely inspired it to be named after the lush green planet featured in Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens.

I went into Docking Bay 7 with the sole purpose of ordering and trying this drink, and I didn’t initially pay attention to the ingredients listed on the menu. After tasting it and then looking at the menu, I was shocked to find out this wasn’t a Powerade based concoction, since it tasted like a mix between the blue Mountain Berry flavor and the green Melon flavor of Powerade. While it had a very strong fruity taste to it that I enjoyed, I didn’t taste the flavor of the alcohol at all at first, and I originally suspected that it might be a very weak drink (which would not be a surprise for a premixed drink in a Disney Park). But while I couldn’t taste the alcohol, halfway through sipping this drink, I could feel it.

While $15 still feels a bit pricey to me for this beverage, it has been one of my favorites that I’ve tasted around Batuu so far.

For the same price point though, I still think I’d rather have one of the drinks on Oga’s Cantina menu, because for the same price, you get a much cooler presentation and atmosphere with your drink, which makes the $15 tab seem more worth it.

May the spires keep you!

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