REVIEW: New Pumpkin Spice Soft Serve Sundae and Pumpkin Milk Shake Arrive at Auntie Gravity’s in the Magic Kingdom

As soon as we flip our calendars from July to August, we know pumpkin spice everything can’t be far behind. Auntie Gravity’s Galactic Goodies knows what we really, really want: more pumpkin spice! Two new pumpkin spice treats are now available and we’re all about it.

Give us all the pumpkin spice soft serve. The shake is $7.99 and the sundae is $5.49.

The pumpkin soft serve sundae is covered in caramel and candy corn. That caramel is calling to us.

The pumpkin spice milk shake is adorable. It’s topped with whipped cream, candy pumpkins, and a giant Mickey marshmallow.

The shake has an amazingly strong pumpkin spice taste. It might just change your life. All the spices combine in a smooth and creamy milk shake. It’s also not too thick, which makes is easy to sip while you wander the park.

The marshmallow is nice and fluffy. It tastes good, but the real star here in the shake under all those toppings. It’s that good!

The sundae is another win for Auntie Gravity’s Galactic Goodies. The soft serve in the sundae doesn’t have quite as much spice as the shake does, but the caramel makes up for that. There is so much caramel sauce and candy corn! The caramel and pumpkin spice flavors kept us coming back for more, even after we were stuffed.

We might be basic, but we know what we like. And we definitely recommend these two pumpkin spice soft serve treats. If you like a strong flavor, go for the shake. If you prefer a subtle pumpkin spice, go for the sundae. But we wouldn’t judge you if you went for both!

If you’re not heading to the Magic Kingdom anytime soon, don’t forget about the pumpkin spice beignet sundae at Port Orleans French Quarter! Let us know if you’ll be heading out to try these new treats this holiday season!