REVIEW: New Beer Cheese and Crispy Onion Hot Dogs from The Market at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Several outdoor food locations at Disney’s Hollywood Studios have recently upgraded their menu offerings, and we’ve been enjoying everything so far! The Market, which is located just outside of Toy Story Land, has new lunch offerings available, just in time to feed all the hungry guests coming to visit. We noticed a hot dog with beer cheese and crispy onions on the menu, and knew it was time to stop for lunch.

Luckily, the Market is a conveniently located grab-and-go location, so you won’t have to waste valuable time at a quick service location to get a filling bite to eat. The hot dog is served with a side of chips, which are prepackaged. This is great in case you wanna stash them for a snack later.

The beer cheese has a great taste. It has a much different flavor than the other liquid cheeses around the park. The onion straws give it a nice crunch, too.

The hot dog is kind of small, and tastes a bit different than other hot dogs around the parks. It reminds us of hot dogs we’d get at sporting events and doesn’t quite have that “grilled” taste. It will definitely serve its purpose if you’re hungry and looking for something quick! The bread was a lot fresher than some hot dog buns we’ve encountered, so that’s a nice bonus.

Overall, the beer cheese and onions are good, but this dog is pretty forgettable. We’re more likely to visit the Grand Avenue cart for meatballs again, rather than this dog, but we’re very thankful to have more food options around Hollywood Studios. Lunch offerings begin at 10 AM every day from The Market.