REVIEW: New Chocolate Hazelnut Chewbacca Cupcake Roars into Disney’s Pop Century Resort

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Another day, another new specialty cupcake has arrived at Walt Disney World! This time it’s a Chewbacca Chocolate Hazelnut Cupcake at Disney’s Pop Century Resort.

We were lucky and stumbled across the last one in this batch, but I’m sure there are more Chewies where this one came from.

This is a chocolate cake, with a chocolate hazelnut flavored frosting topped with two small chocolate straws and gold glitter, and filled with a chocolate hazelnut spread.

Okay, one of my biggest complaints on Disney’s specialty cupcakes is that the actual cake is usually very dry and crumbly. But this was actually a very moist and dense chocolate cake. It did not crumble when cut and held its shape, and had a really rich chocolate flavor.

The frosting on top was a chocolate hazelnut-flavored buttercream, and I felt like there was a good ratio of frosting to cake. The filling was a thicker, richer chocolate hazelnut spread, and was more similar to the consistency of Nutella than the frosting was. I usually complain that there’s not enough filling in these cupcakes, but since this filling was so rich, I think this amount was the right call.

If you are a chocolate hazelnut fan, this cupcake will definitely hit the target for you. It’s available at Everything POP Shopping and Dining at Disney’s Pop Century Resort for $5.49. Our readers have also informed us that the cupcake is available at Art of Animation Resort’s Landscape of Flavors as well.

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