REVIEW: Delicious Bantha Skewers Arrive at Catalina Eddie’s for Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge Opening at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

We’ve been traveling around Batuu all morning, but now that we’ve returned back to Disney’s Hollywood Studios, it’s time for lunch! We’re still in full Star Wars mode, so we decided to seek out some of the special offerings around the park. Catalina Eddie’s on Sunset Boulevard is now serving Bantha Skewers, and we’re highly intrigued.

The new Bantha Skewers are marinated beef skewers with Zhoug yoghurt sauce, served over a bed of couscous.

They even come served on a fun, themed Star Wars wrapper. The artwork really pops and adds a little more fun to this meal.

The meat is absolutely delicious. It’s seasoned well, and is easy to eat. It’s so tender, it just pulls apart in your fingers. It might not look like it, but this skewer packs a whole lot of flavor! Even without any of the Zhoug yoghurt sauce, it has a ton of flavor. The yoghurt sauce adds a bit of zip to the flavor.

The couscous is a bit of a miss. It really didn’t have as much taste as we expected, but the cucumbers help. We probably would have preferred a different side. We really can’t say enough good things about the meat and we never imagined Bantha would be so tender and flavorful.

The Bantha Skewers with couscous are available for $10.29 from Catalina Eddie’s at Sunset Ranch Market. If you’re hungry, these Bantha Skewers will definitely satisfy!