REVIEW: Limited Time Lady Bug Macaron at Jolly Holiday Bakery at Disneyland Park

In honor of the return of the Electrical Street Parade, Disneyland Park is offering a variety of new foods to celebrate. The Jolly Holiday Bakery Cafe is offering three options: Lady Bug Macaron, Pineapple Coconut Parfait, and the Cheshire Cat Linzer Cookie. We opted for the macaron.

DL Lady Bug Macaron 03

Lady Bug Macaron – $5.99

She’s perfect. She’s colorful, bright and delicious. Disneyland has done a pretty good job on macarons all year for various celebrations, and this cute ladybug is no different.

DL Lady Bug Macaron 05

It is worth a try if only for the pictures, but this macaron is tasty. A tad on the sweet side, but easily shared.

DL Lady Bug Macaron 06

The red and black ladybug “shell” is filled with strawberry buttercream and in the middle is a strawberry marmalade. There are also some freeze-dried strawberry flecks.

DL Lady Bug Macaron 10

The outer shell is light and flaky and not sweet at all, which is good as the buttercream can get a bit sugary.

DL Lady Bug Macaron 11

In the very center you’ll find the strawberry marmalade which was delicious.

DL Lady Bug Macaron 09

DL Lady Bug Macaron 02

We would definitely recommend this cute dessert for any macaron or strawberry lover. Grab one while you wait for the Main Street Electrical Parade to roll on by. Which desserts have you tried?