REVIEW: New Lime Dole Whip Friezling Wine Slush from The Basket at Wine Bar George in Disney Springs

The Basket at Wine Bar George is quickly becoming one of our favorite places to visit at Disney Springs. First, they blew our minds with the pineapple Dole Whip Frozcato. Now, they’ve taken it up a notch with a new Lime Dole Whip Wine Slush. Yes, you read that correctly. This might be a dream come true right here!

The new “Friezling” is a combination of Riesling, vodka, and lime Dole Whip. You can get one for $13.00, or even add Prosecco for an additional $2. We went with the standard Friezling.

This is one cold drink! It’s so icy. The flavors going on are incredible. Move over Froscato, the Friezling might just be our new favorite alcoholic slush here at Disney Springs!

It’s very tart. The Riesling taste is detectable and compliments the lime. Even though the lime flavor is very bright and tangy, it really works well.

This is incredibly delicious and refreshing after a long day. The Polynesian Resort also has an alcoholic Lime Dole Whip, but they could take a few lessons from The Basket at Wine Bar George. With the purchase of a Corksicle, refills are just $10. It might be time to invest in a couple of Corksicles, because we will be coming back for more! Are you excited to try a Dole Whip Wine Slush?