sugar cookie sandwich

REVIEW: New Dole Whip Frozcato Sugar Cookie Sandwich from The Basket

What a time to be alive! Dole Whip fanatics, drop what you’re doing and head to Disney Springs immediately. The Basket at Wine Bar George has gotten even more creative with serving everyone’s favorite refreshing pineapple treat. There’s a new Frozcato Sugar Cookie Sandwich, and it might just change your life.

sugar cookie sandwich

Earlier this year, we were introduced to the delicious Dole Whip Frozcato. The combination of pineapple Dole Whip, Moscato, and vodka made our dreams a reality. Just when we thought things were perfect… they got better.

The Best Time For Ice Cream is Always sign
The best time for ice cream is always!

Sugar cookie ice cream sandwich

If you’ve ever had the Rosé All Day cookie, you know just how incredible the sugar cookies are. (And if you haven’t had one yet, you need to change that.) In between the two cookies, you’ll find a luscious layer of pineapple Frozcato, decorated with sprinkles around the edges. We love that there are even pineapple shaped sprinkles!

sugar cookie ice cream sandwich with pineapple shaped sprinkles

The Frozcato inside has more of an ice cream-like consistency than the drinkable version.

half eaten ice cream sandwich

Summer snacking just got better at Disney Springs. You can grab one of these giant grown up ice cream sandwiches for $8, and they’re totally worth it. This is a big snack! They’re served nice and frozen, so you don’t have to worry about being handed a big, melty mess. Obviously, it’s summer here in Florida, so it does drip and melt, but it actually held up very well while we were enjoying it.

sugar cookie with frozcato ice cream

The weather was nice, so we were leisurely eating this cookie sandwich, and it seemed to get better as it softened up. Although we didn’t really taste the alcohol, that’s not a bad thing. The sugar cookie and pineapple combination is so good, we can’t wait to go back and have another. There is limited availability per day, so be sure to make this your first stop when you get to Disney Springs!