REVIEW: New Alcoholic Blue and Green Milk Coolers A Boozy Improvement at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge in Disney’s Hollywood Studios

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Whether you love or hate Blue or Green Milk (or love to hate it), Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge is offering Travelers to Batuu an all-new way to enjoy the divisive dairy-free beverage in the form of alcoholic versions of the two frozen drinks, called “Coolers”. A friendly Traveler to Batuu invited us to the land today in order to taste these intergalactic libations, and we can never say no to a lively jaunt through Black Spire.

The alcoholic versions of the milks come frozen and served in square, slightly frosted plastic cups for $14.00 each. The non-alcoholic versions cost $7.99.

Right off the bat, we can see that the Green Milk has more of a slight creamy lime color, as opposed to the near highlighter yellow of the Green Milk we encountered over at Disneyland with the original land opening.

The Blue Milk appears otherwise the same shade of blue.

We got a cup of regular Blue Milk, as a control.

Blue Milk Cooler – $14.00

As is standard, the Blue Milk is a dairy-free blend of coconut and rice milk with “alluring fruity characteristics.” In Cooler form, the Blue Milk benefits from a splash of Bacardi Rum. However, right off the bat, the main thing that stands out to us is how strong the liquor tastes in these.

The Blue Milk Cooler is still slightly fruity, but with a strong rum taste to accompany it. It tastes totally different from regular Blue Milk, which is mainly just a sweet, vaguely fruity slush.

These milks go down easier than the non-alcoholic ones, and we point that out as a conflicting positive. Between these and the slew of other alcoholic beverages (including an alcoholic jello shot at Oga’s) available throughout the Hollywood Studios version of Batuu, we may find more Travelers stumbling their way through Black Spire.

Green Milk Cooler – $14.00

The Green Milk Cooler is a dairy-free blend of coconut and rice milk with “zippy citrus and Tropical characteristics”, plus the addition of Corazón Blanco Tequila.

One of the biggest surprises we took away from this taste test was how delicious the Green Milk was solely thanks to the addition of alcohol. The Green Milk slush was smooth and creamy, and almost reminded us of the Avocado Margaritas over at Epcot’s La Cava del Tequila. (Yes, that’s how strong the tequila was.)

Overall, the Blue Milk still wins out over the Green Milk, but we were honestly pleasantly surprised by how much more palatable alcohol makes these milks taste. After all, these were considered by many, including us, to be a missed opportunity and a general failure of an attempt to bring a signature slush (akin to Butterbeer, or LeFou’s Brew) to the land. You can see why in our original review of the Milks.

If you’re looking to milk (sorry) your time inside Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, be aware that Mobile Ordering is available at the Milk Stand. The Bubo Wamba Family Farms Souvenir Sipper Jug is also available here for $24.99, however, you cannot fill up that bad boy with over 16 ounces of either Milk Cooler (double sorry.)

Will you be passing by the Milk Stand in Disney’s Hollywood Studios for some alcoholic Blue and Green Milk Coolers?

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I keep seeing mixed reviews/descriptions of the flavours/whats actually in the milks. We heard in Disneyland that there was pineapple(juice?) and here I can see “tropical” in the description this is one of the things I’m looking forward to most out of GE but I’m very allergic to Pineapple. Are you able to confirm or guess with a degree of certainty??


$14? Better have no less than 3 shots in it.


Yikes for 14.99 they better be strong!

Customer Satisfaction
Customer Satisfaction

Star Wars Milk is going to stay popular for a long time due to the fact that no one can agree if it is good or not. Everyone will just have to try it to see for themselves.

amarilis Figueroa
amarilis Figueroa

I have not confution at all about green and blue milk. This post is a homework- done at this galactic topic I choose blue milk to try it. Choose wdwnt to be informed about Disneys theme and Jessica Fig as my favorite writter