REVIEW: New Mini Cinnamon Buns with Coffee-Caramel Dipping Sauce Roll Into Isle of Java at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Good morning from Disney’s Animal Kingdom! We stopped in for breakfast this morning (it’s the most important meal of the day, after all) to try the new Mini Cinnamon Buns that have rolled into the Isle of Java!

For $4.29, you get two pretty good-sized “mini” cinnamon buns with a side of coffee-caramel dipping sauce.

I thought these were a pretty good sized portion for the price, it was a filling breakfast for less than $5, which is not easy to find anywhere on Disney property, unless you just go for a single piece of fruit (and where’s the fun in that?)

The cinnamon buns themselves were a bit on the dry side, but if they had been served a little warmer, I think that would have helped a lot.

The dipping sauce was the real star of this show. I first thought that my cup looked like they went a little light on my sauce ration, but this stuff is full of rich coffee and caramel flavor, what I got was more than enough. The coffee flavoring in this sauce is really unique, and very fitting to be served at a stand called “Isle of Java“. I appreciated that bit of theming.

My only real complaint with these was that the icing was the kind that hardens and cumbles and falls off as soon as you touch them, but the taste was really there overall, and you can’t beat this portion for the price. I would definitely come back to get these for a quick breakfast or even a snack later in the day. Who says you can only have cinnamon buns in the morning?

You can find these cinnamon buns at Isle of Java on Discovery Island in Disney’s Animal Kingdom for $4.29.

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