REVIEW: New Oga’s Cantina Secret Menu Charcuterie Board at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge in Disney’s Hollywood Studios

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Here at Batuu East, we simply know how to Cantina better. If the sheer tonnage of people that descended upon Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge this morning in the brink of a Category 4 hurricane aren’t proof of that, then I don’t know what is. Meanwhile in Disneyland, Oga’s Cantina is a raucous, but heartless bar where people seemingly go to drop $20 on cocktails and experience an oft-malfunctioning DJ R3X. Enter Oga’s Cantina, circa 20 minutes ago:

Not only is there more of a lively ambiance here, there’s also variety, like the alcoholic Rodian Ration… but we’d never seen anything like this before:

Presenting the Oga’s Cantina Secret Menu charcuterie board. As wacky as it looks, it’s an array of roasted green onions and vegetables, crispy fried flatbreads, hot peppers, antipasto, cheese curds, and even pork rinds.

Oga’s trying to test something new in the kitchen, breaking free from the typical “Batuu Bits” snack that’s been on the menu since it opened, and branching out to other savory items. We were gifted this plate courtesy of our amazing Batuu resident bartenders, but it is also available for $21.00 (or space credits, if you’ve got ’em) upon request… if you have the right connections.

If my family is reading this… yes, that is chicharrón.

Beneath all the snacks and crunchy bits is a bed of savory hummus. It was great scooping up hummus with all of the components of the board, and it added a nice saucy element to what could otherwise be just a dry snack plate.

If you’re here with friends or a group and are looking for something to munch on or a plate to share with everyone, look no further than this new charcuterie board. It’s creative, it’s unique, and I’m honestly impressed with how they managed to make pork rinds into makeshift space food.

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$21 is a surprisingly low price point in my opinion. Might have to check it out.


Oga’s needs to offer real food options. While listed as such in the park guide they’re not a “dining” establishment (also known as a restaurant). Otherwise, they’re letting under 21’s into a bar when all they have is bar snacks. D-CAP (Disney California Adventure Park) actually had better food and drinks at more locations than the old Disney. And the new Guardians of the Galaxy ride was more modern future-tech (and no 2-1/2 hour wait in line – we suffered that even with a MaxPass) than the somewhat old visualization of future tech in the SW universe (although the Falcon… Read more »


They do the same “show” at Disneyland. There’s nothing more lively about it WDW… same experience.