TSA Reviews Policy on Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge Thermal Detonator Coca-Cola Bottles; Now Permitted as Oversized Liquids

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Earlier this week, the internet went abuzz after the TSA released a statement saying that the thermal detonator-style Coca-Cola products sold at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge were not allowed on carry-on or checked luggage due to their resemblance to actual explosives.

In the latest piece by the Orlando Sentinel chronicling the thermal detonator debacle, it appears that the TSA has since reversed their decision and will “allow” the bottles through on checked luggage as oversized liquids. (I use “allow” in quotations because we noted earlier that we and most everyone we’d spoken to had brought them on our flights without any issues.) If you decide to bring one in your carry-on, it must be emptied out.

Per the Orlando Sentinel:

It’s OK to fly home with the Coca-Cola cans shaped like thermal detonators sold at Disney’s Galaxy’s Edge, TSA said Friday. People who want to take them home as souvenirs should put them in checked baggage or empty the cans and stick them in a carry-on item, the TSA said.

The Transportation Security Administration, which handles security at airports, had been reviewing its policy after online posts saying the cans were banned went viral. On Friday, TSA issued a new statement, saying, “We have completed our review, and instructed our officers to treat these as an oversized liquid.”

An official statement from the TSA has also been released:

Lightsabers and Droids, while clunky, are also TSA approved and may be packed in carry-on or checked luggage.

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They mean after getting pressure from Disney and Coca Cola they reversed their decision…..


I’m glad to hear this, since the only thing I’ve really planned to bring home from Galaxy’s Edge in October is an empty Coke bottle. I’d drink it some time during my two days in Anaheim and then fly it home in my carry-on.

Daniel Shoham
Daniel Shoham

The mighty TSA asks, why should we allow this item?
Beee-cause he is holding a Thermal Detonator!