VIDEO: Initial Preparations Begin at Epcot Ahead of Hurricane Dorian

Hurricane Dorian is headed for Florida, and Disney has already begun preparations all over property to secure everything ahead of the storm. Will the parks stay open? What happens at all of the construction sites? Can Spaceship Earth survive a Category 4 storm? Our video below explains just a few ways they get ready for a storm at Epcot.

Hopefully the storm won’t be a bad one, but in any case Disney is always prepared!

You can read the latest statements from the Walt Disney World Resort and the Orlando International Airport here. You can also check for any further updates for Hurricane Dorian from the National Hurricane Center here, and read up on Walt Disney World’s hurricane policy here.

We’ll keep you updated on any news surrounding the storm as it approaches.

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Marcella J Hilber
Marcella J Hilber
1 year ago

My girls and I were there during Irma 2 years ago and they definitely did a wonderful job securing everything. We’re DVC members and I am very grateful for that because we ended up having to stay 4 days longer but they extended our food plan and reissued us park tickets. We had many activities for fun and actually really didn’t mind the piped in movies. Disney World did a fabulous job and I wouldn’t be afraid to be there now.