Marvel News Mash-Up (Robert Downey Jr., Silver Surfer, SideShow Collectibles)

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Marvel News Mash-Up (Robert Downey Jr., Silver Surfer, SideShow Collectibles)

Marvel News Mash-Up


Rumor: Robert Downey Jr To Return As Tony Stark In “Black Widow”


Boy, for a character who just died on the bog screen, he seems to be getting a lot of job offers! According to Deadline, Robert Downey Jr, will return as Tony Stark in the upcoming “Black Widow” movie. Since “Black Widow” takes place before the events of “Avengers: Endgame” this is indeed a possibility.

But don’t get too excited. This was briefly mentioned in a Deadline article reporting on the Saturn Awards. And it was in brackets no less.

From Deadline:

The finale installment of the Marvel big-screen saga was named best comic-to-film release. Robert Downey Jr.’s swan song performance as Tony Stark, aka Iron Man, in Endgame earned him the best actor in a film award. (Downey will be seen in the role of Stark one more time, however, in the Marvel prequel Black Widow in May 2020.) Josh Brolin, who portrayed the calculating, grape-colored alien despot called Thanos, won as the best supporting actor in a film for Avengers: Endgame as well.

So, like the previous rumor of Robert Downey Jr. reprising his role as Tony Stark for a still yet to be confirmed show called “Ironheart”for Disney+, take this all with a grain of salt until Disney or Marvel confirms it.

Source: Deadline

Rumor: Marvel Looking At A “Silver Surfer” Movie

Silver Surfer

This story is coming from the site, Geeks Worldwide. According to GW, Marvel is actively developing a “Silver Surfer” movie and that Adam McKay has expressed interest in being attached to the project.

From Geeks Worldwide:

Back in 2018, Adam McKay expressed strong interest in helming a Silver Surfer solo film:
“Silver Surfer is the one I want to do, man. I would do anything to do Silver Surfer because, visually, you could do what the Wachowskis did with Speed Racer with the Silver Surfer,” McKay said. “At the same time, there’s a great emotional story in there, man, where Norrin Radd [Silver Surfer] has to make the choice to save his planet. That would be the one, but I think Fox owns the rights … .”

I am definitely onboard with a solo Silver Surfer film! If they are making “The Eternals” and “Shag-Chi: Master Of Kung Fu” movies, they better make this one! Pretty sure most Marvel fans would go for a “Silver Surfer” film over those two barely known properties. The last time we got Silver Surfer was in Fox’s “Fantastic Four: Rise Of The Silver Surfer” and although Morpheus did a good job voicing the character, the technology was not what it was today. You combine Silver Surfer with the funky moments with Dormamu from “Doctor Strange” and we have got one amazing looking movie.

I’m also kind of onboard with Adam McKay. He is mostly known for comedies like “Anchorman”, but I have to agree with him about that “Speed Racer” look and he does seem like a big fan of the Surfer. Also, 90% of his movies have Will Ferrell in them and would love if he was somehow involved in this film. Not as the Surfer but maybe someone fro Earth that meets up with him. We’ll have to wait and see but a big screen “Silver Surfer” movie just makes sense.

Source: Geeks Worldwide

VIDEO: Check Out This Alternate Post Credit Scene From “Iron Man” Having Nick Fury Referencing Spider-Man And The X-Men


Seems like back in the day when Marvel Studios was first starting out that they were hopeful that both Spider-Man and the X-Men would be joining the MCU at sometime in the future. Since Sony owned the movie rights to Spider-Man and Fox owned the movie rights to X-Men, the future of those two properties were definitely uncertain. It took a very long time, but the MCU finally has the X-Men. Spider-Man, for the time being, is unfortunately no longer part of the MCU. But never count him out. Anything can happen is time. There was a time when most fans said we would never see X-Men back with Marvel either.

Enjoy this alternate take of a classic post credit scene!

Source: The Marvelous Wave

Hailee Steinfeld Being Looked At To Play Kate Bishop In “Hawkeye” For Disney+


According to Variety, actress Haille Steinfeld (“True Grit”) is being looked at to play Kate Bishop in the upcoming Disney+ series, “Hawkeye”. Steinfeld is no stranger to the Marvel universe as she voiced Spider-Gwen in last years animated movie, “Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse”.

From Variety:

Hailee Steinfeld could soon be part of the Marvel family. Variety has learned exclusively from sources that Steinfeld has been offered a lead role in the upcoming “Hawkeye” series at Disney Plus.
The limited series will see Jeremy Renner reprise the role of the titular bow-wielding hero that he has played through multiple films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, most recently in “Avengers: Endgame.” Should Steinfeld join the series, she would play Kate Bishop. Bishop is a Marvel Comics character who took up the Hawkeye mantle after Clint Barton (Renner). She is also a member of the group known as the Young Avengers. It was reported last week that Jonathan Igla is attached to write and executive produce the series.

So is this series about Clint Barton or Kate Bishop? We still don’t know for sure.

Source: Variety

SideShow Collectible Corner

mysterio marvel gallery 5d72a3d6541c6


Here is another fantastic recreation of one of Spider-Man’s deadliest villains, Mysterio! And this variety is straight from his appearance in “Spider-Man: Far From Home”. No Jake Gyllenhaal replaceable head? Inconceivable! But still an awesome replica!

mysterio marvel gallery 5d72a3d836d6a


Quentin Beck is a gifted but under-appreciated special effects artist. He chooses to focus his skills on becoming Mysterio, the number one superhero in the world. A talent for chemistry, robotics, and hypnotism Mysterio’s convincing illusions on The Elementals blur the line between reality and fantasy, to the point where the work seems almost supernatural in nature.

mysterio marvel gallery 5d72a3d5f0fbb

Sideshow and Hot Toys present the Mysterio Sixth Scale Collectible Figure from Spider-Man: Far From Home with highly-detailed gadgets that specifically counter Spider-Man’s abilities!

mysterio marvel gallery 5d72a3d5957b1

Masterfully crafted based on Mysterio’s appearance in the movie. The collectible figure features a newly developed helmeted head with incredible likeness, finely tailored cape, armor with luminous reflective elements, a pair of illusion effect accessories, smoke effect diorama, and a movie-themed dynamic figure stand.

Source: SideShow

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