PHOTO REPORT: Disney Springs 9/3/19 (Hurricane Dorian Prep, New Spaceship Earth Ornaments, and More!)

Welcome to a busy afternoon at Disney Springs. Due to the hurricane, the parks were closing earlier than usual for safety, so it seems like everyone has gone to Disney Springs instead. We looked at all the prep for Hurricane Dorian at the Magic Kingdom, so now let’s take a little look at all the hurricane preparations around Disney Springs.

The giant Aerophile balloon has been tied down.

Both Starbucks locations at Disney Springs were closed for the day. They’re taking no chances with this hurricane. We could see things covered in plastic through the windows.

The food trucks have disappeared for now.

It looks like the crew is parked in the garage and ready to clean up any potential damage in the area.

The amphicars have been removed from the Boathouse and are parked in the Orange Garage.

The Boathouse looks empty today. Even the flags have been removed from outside.

Sprinkles was closed for the day and all the chairs and tables had been taken inside.

Raglan Road was also closed for the day and all the tables and chairs were stored inside.

More tables and chairs removed from Frontera Cocina.

The Basket at Wine Bar George was still open but the tables had been taken in.

Some locations aren’t taking any chances. This stand has been completely wrapped in plastic.

More plastic wrap around Disney Springs.

Earl of Sandwich chairs are piled up together.

AristoCrepes has zip tied some tables and chairs together, and then zip tied them onto the railings.

The signs on the LEGO store have been removed temporarily.

The 4 Rivers Cantina Food Truck has left, but all the tables and chairs are still hanging out.

It might be time to do a little shopping.

If you missed the limited edition Illuminations MagicBand, then be sure to stop by the D-Tech on Demand kiosk and check out this new style. It can be customized with any color band.

A new haunted mansion bracelet and earring set has materialized at World of Disney. They’re $19.99 each.

You can prove you’re a mermaid with this “I’m really a mermaid” bracelet for $19.99.

This Spaceship Earth ornament from Disney’s Days of Christmas is amazing, but a little pricey at $29.99.

Thanks for following us around Disney Springs today. Stay tuned for more updates from the parks and beyond!

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1 year ago

Thanks for sharing that.

There is some really smart prep being done there. Mind you, it’s not their first rodeo, so they are getting good at this.

If we learned anything at that simulator in Innoventions, preparation is a big key to riding these out.