PHOTO REPORT Hollywood Studios 9/17/19 (New Head Wear, Galaxy’s Edge, Mickey’s of Hollywood & More!

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Bright Suns! Here we find ourselves again at Disney’s Hollywood Studios; there is just so much happening these days at this park.

As you can see, not much has changed since we last checked-in with Mickey’s of Hollywood, which is slated to re-open very soon! All the windows remain blacked-out, and there are a couple of construction walls that remain in place.

This is your view of the store upon first entering the park.

The whole exterior of the store appears to have remained the same.

Even the store’s name and signage is the same as it was before closing.

This is the crowd that was pouring in just after rope drop at 9:00 AM, keep in mind the park had been open since 6:00 AM due to extra magic hours for guests staying on property.

We stopped into Hollywood 5&10 to see if there was any interesting merchandise, and found this Walt mug. This is the front of the mug which features a 3D logo that resembles the partners statue.

Here is the back of the mug, which features one Walt Disney’s most famous quotes: “I only hope that we never lose sight of one thing – that was all started by a mouse.”—Walt Disney

A new Buttercup the Unicorn (from Toy Story 3 & 4) Kawaii style plush headband, priced at $19.99.

We also found this unique Kermit hat; you don’t see enough Muppet merchandise these days! Price is $24.99.

Next we headed over to the Animation Courtyard area, where we previously noticed a new blue and white paint scheme that appears to have remained in the same area, abruptly stopping just before the brown paint that borders the In Character store that is adjacent to Star Wars Launch Bay.

Let’s head on over to the other side of the park and see what’s happening at Tatooine Traders.

Inside Tatooine Traders we discovered these new latex Yoda ears headband. The tag was labeled youth size however, they seemed to fit most adults as well!

A closer look at the Yoda ear details.

Like mentioned above, the tag says Youth but also fit adults, the retail price is $29.99.

We made a quick stop over at Muppet-Vision 3D, which still doesn’t open until 10:00 AM regardless of what time the park opens.

One of the best parts of the Muppet Vision attraction is all the funny signage throughout and outside of the building, here is the sign posted on the 3D glasses return cans.

An ad for “The Ricky Rat Show” this would make for an interesting TV show for sure if it were actually real!

Have you ever noticed this somewhat functional building call box? This is located on the wall inside one of the alcoves in whats left of the old Streets of America area in the Grand Avenue section of the park. Be sure to check it out next time you’re at the park.

Current state of the restroom expansion across from Tatooine Traders.

Let’s head into Galaxy’s Edge to see what’s happening today…

First we stopped to check out the entrance of the most anticipated attraction yet…”Rise of the Resistance” which is slated to open December 5th of this year! We cannot wait for this attraction to open, how about you?

Just some of the amazing detail put into the attraction’s queue entrance.

This is a pretty cool rebel sweatshirt jacket would be perfect for Cos-Play or just everyday wear. If only it wasn’t so hot here in Florida! The price of this item is 64.99 credits and can be found at the merchandise cart just outside the Rise of the Resistance attraction.

Next we headed over to the Smugglers Run attraction. Standby wait was only 45 minutes, this was awesome considering the ride had been open for four hours already!

Isn’t the Falcon a beauty? Such amazing work and detail went into creating this iconic ship!

Oga’s Cantina had quite the line up this morning, a little more hectic than its been the past week or so this early.

Without much else going on, we headed out of Galaxy’s Edge into Toy Story Land, the crowds sure have thinned out in this area ever since Galaxy’s Edge opened. Slinky Dog Dash was at a 35 minute wait and Alien Swirling Saucers was at a 20 minute wait!

On our way out of the park for the day, we stopped to note the large crowd of guests gathered who were watching the “Star Wars A Galaxy Far, Far Away” stage show, apparently despite Galaxy’s Edge being open. Due to all the characters you can see in the show, it is still pretty relevant to guests. This might be due to the lack of very many roaming characters in Galaxy’s Edge at the moment.

That wraps things up for the day at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, thanks for reading and stay tuned for the next parks update from WDWNT!

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Andrew is an Orlando local who pretty much lives at the Disney Parks. His favorite ride is Smugglers Run. He is also an avid collector of all things Disney!

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I too would like to see more Muppet merchandise and more attractions. Possibly no one else is interested but I struggle with that answer. The Muppets are , in my opinion one of the most neglected properties in the Disney universe. Possibly Disney+ will cure this. It could be that without Jim Henson they are doomed but I think they deserve a place with Mickey and the gang. I have been wrong before so my opinions should be taken with a large measure of something.

Don blaka
Don blaka

The “Star Wars A Galaxy Far, Far Away” stage show is definitely the reason why WDWs Galaxy’s Edge is lacking in the character department, Don’t get me wrong I love the stage show and I’m well aware that GE takes place in the Sequel Trilogy and most of the characters we see in the show (Darth Vader, Darth Maul, Boba Fett etc.) are dead in the timeline, but if this show is still relevant to the guests because of the lack of characters that could easily be placed in Galaxy’s Edge as meet able roaming characters than we have kind… Read more »


I agree, where are all the roaming droids from the concept art?

Don blaka
Don blaka

DisneyLand did a test roaming droid back in October of 2017 but people (kids especially) just kept messing with it and wouldn’t leave it alone.