PHOTO REPORT: Hollywood Studios 9/30/19 (Chewie Fixes The X-Wing, Ronto Roasters Droid Back in Action, Backlot Express Props, and More!)

Bright Suns from Disney’s Hollywood Studios! Today, we headed straight for Batuu as it was an Extra Magic Hours morning and the crowds on Batuu are far lighter before all regular day guests are let into the park.

Just a little past Rise of the Resistance, we came upon Chewie and a friend once again trying to repair this X-Wing.

If you can’t tell, they didn’t accomplish much!

We’re just going to leave this here… The locals must have been really bored over at the Creature Stall…

This other display we found across the way at the Toydarian Toymaker shop was much nicer!

FINALLY! The Ronto Roaster droid is fully functional again!

Here at Oga’s Cantina, there was no line and no wait to get in, granted it was not even 9:00am, but a good opportunity if you want the experience to be fast and easy.

Over by Oga’s, we ran into a member of the Resistance, she was on the run from a couple of stormtroopers and had no time for chit-chat!

It’s official, we’re in the great red kyber crystal shortage! No word on when there will be another shipment. Dok-Ondar was not available for comment.

Next we headed back to Earth… specifically Backlot Express. Here there’ve been no menu changes for a while, however, we can never get enough of the details inside this place.

A really clever seating arrangement for the paint department!

So much detail… You can find this “Stunt Office” in the left dining area. You just don’t see this level of detail anymore in the parks. It’s becoming a lost art.

Located adjacent to the Stunt Office, is the Paint Dept. office. Again, same level of details here.

Anyone else notice the full service restaurant Peter Pan kiddie cup on the desk? What’s that about?

We jumped over to Toy Story Land just to see if anything was happening. We love Slinky Dog Dash, but that queue, though… Didn’t this toy set come in an “air conditioned box”?

Since opening day over a year ago, this colorful shelter is all they seemed to have come up with as a solution for the heat. It doesn’t seem to have help much, however…

As we wrapped up another morning at Hollywood Studios, this is what the crowd level was like coming in at about 11:15am! That’s all from Hollywood for today, thanks for reading, and stay tuned for the next photo report from WDWNT!

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1 year ago

I feel like you’re being disingenuous about the level of detail seen in the parks today. Pandora and Galaxy’s Edge are both very nicely and thoroughly detailed.