PHOTO REPORT: Hollywood Studios 9/9/19 (Skyliner Sign Uncovered, Low Crowds, Slinky Dog Dash Queue, Smugglers Run Broken Screens, and More!)

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Welcome to another beautiful day in Hollywood! We’re ready to explore Disney’s Hollywood Studios today and see what we can find.

The Skyliner sign has finally been uncovered, but it doesn’t seem very noticeable in the daylight. You can check out emergency stop testing and the delay spiel for the Disney Skyliner in our latest piece here.

The park feels a lot busier today than it has all week long.

It’s pretty packed inside, too.

Everyone seems to enjoying the beautiful sunlight streaming in from above.

This place never gets old.

This couple was unexpectedly photo bombed.

Plenty of fans around the outdoor seating area of Docking Bay 7 Food and Cargo. If you can’t find a seat inside, grab a seat next to a fan.

My screen didn’t work on Smugglers Run. The buttons lit up, but the screen wasn’t working.

My face when I get on Smugglers Run and realize my screen doesn’t work.

Everything is so cute!

Lightsaber Churros are being sold at multiple locations around the park.

Things look about the same over here.

The shade structures in the Slinky Dog Dash queue are coming along.

Love this view when everyone is in the back of the park.

One awning is missing from above Mickey’s of Hollywood. It should be opening back up this weekend after its lengthy refurbishment.

It’s been a long day for us, too. We know how you feel.

Decided to grab some cat treats on my way out of the park, only to be disappointed it’s just baby food with a cat container. Sorry cats, no treats tonight.

Thanks for following us around Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Til the Spire!