PHOTOS, VIDEO: Disney Skyliner Tests Emergency Stops and Delay Spiels Ahead of Opening at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

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“Ladies and gentlemen. The Disney Skyliner is temporarily delayed. We will resume your journey as soon as possible. Thank you.”

We sure hope we don’t have to hear that delay spiel very often. After all, a Disney Skyliner ride should take at the most 15 minutes, given the lack of air conditioning and close quarters in each character gondola. Still, as with the emergency evacuation boat and other procedures, like weather protocols, the Disney Skyliner must prepare for any incident or delay. In fact, they’ve even prepared a special recording for passengers along their journey, should they have to stop halfway across the line.

Testing took place on and off as Cast Member Skyliner operators, now decked out in their nifty new costumes, took turns entering and exiting the gondolas as they passed down the line.

Construction crews are still active at the station as the finishing touches are finalized, such as the unveiling of the recent marquee sign.

You can check out a video of testing as gondolas enter the station and are selectively veered off to a separate loading platform (we assume this is the procedure for guests who need additional time boarding due to wheelchairs or ECVs.) As a reminder, Skyliner Gondolas fitted to accommodate wheelchairs, ECVs, or other mobility devices will only seat a maximum of up to six guests. Mobility aids and strollers must fit within a 30” x 48” area for access. You can read more on Disney Skyliner gondola logistics here.

You can hear the delay spiel and get a closer look at the testing procedures in the video below:

The Disney Skyliner will officially begin taking guests for gondola rides across Walt Disney World starting September 29th.

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